¡Con dos huevos!

Continue to keep my brothers in your thoughts & prayers. Stephen is out of the hospital now, but Andrew is having the weak part of his lung removed (painfully) to keep it from collapsing again.

Yesterday I was pretty done in, emotionally and physically. After class and lunch, my siesta took over my entire afternoon. I woke up and walked around town a little… went shopping for small necesities at one of the “SuperEuroBazar” stores. Basically, the European version of the dollar store. There’s quite a variety of things there, everything from samauri swords to… porno flicks? Right next to a row of picture frames? ¡Que raro!

Apparently that one excursion into the outside world was exhausting enough that I checked my email for news of Andrew’s surgery, then returned home to eat and go back to bed. It’s a crazy life I lead, here in España. Due to the overbearing nap and a lot of anxiety my sleep was restless. Halfway between sleep and waking my thought process went something like:

  • Why am I so anxious? Spain isn’t stressful.
  • But then I need to come home from Spain and be stressed.
  • Home. Oh god, mi coche muerto.
  • Has Joe looked at my car yet?
  • What if it can’t be fixed?
  • I usually work closing shifts. I can’t take the bus.
  • Hm, I walk longer distances every day here. I could walk.
  • Oh. I live in Ypsi, not Ávila. I’ll get mugged.
  • I do have that butterfly knife…
  • Am I fast enough to flip it out to prevent a mugging?
  • I need to practice my knife skillz.
  • Maybe I should buy a sword.
  • How awkward is carrying a sword home from Ann Arbor every night?
  • Is there a policy against swords in the workplace?
  • What if someone mugs me with a gun and I have… a Spanish sword?
  • How do you get a sword through customs?
  • I want to take fencing.
  • Maybe I should stick to dancing instead.
  • I want to find some flamenco lessons.
  • I want to dance Tango.
  • It’s the Argentinians who Tango, silly.
  • Maybe I should go to Argentina next.
  • I wish I had more money to travel.
  • I need to work a lot when I get back.
  • Oh god, I don’t have a car…
  • Etc. etc.

….you get the idea. Multiply that x1000 and that was my night.

Today is better. I haven’t heard any further news on the surgery; no news = good news?

The more focused I am on the here and now the better off I am. (Well, this is new…) When I start thinking about everything and everyone in the states, I’m anxious.

And the here and now is:

I’m still in Spain. 🙂 I’m going to Santiago this weekend; probably Portugal the next. Today I’m going to some museums in Ávila. There’s some spooky looking fish on the kitchen counter which may be part of our dinner, but I’m going to eat it ¡con dos huevos! (“balls out!”) …because that’s how I roll.

And in the here and now I have this as my livingroom view:

…More later; less emo and more exciting, hopefully.


3 Responses to ¡Con dos huevos!

  1. D.Cous. says:

    What a gorgeous place you get to visit, I love all of your pictures. I hope your trip is going well, don’t worry about your car until you get back – trust me, you’ll enjoy the trip more. I’ll be praying for your brothers, and of course for you. Good luck with that “balls out” thing, sounds like by the time you come back you’ll be able to bite the head right off a raw fish without flinching 🙂

  2. Nach says:

    All the best for your brothers.
    And try this for the anxiety (Keledén or Fukitol):


  3. Hannah says:

    It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time in Spain! I glanced through some of your pictures, and they’re really amazing. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you’re actually there taking the pictures.
    As you probably know, Andrew should be coming home later today, so maybe things will get a little less crazy around here (ha!).
    Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your trip!

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