Algo breve…

Still uploading pictures, bit by bit. It’s a conundrum; if I use the locutorio and pay 2€ per hour, I can use the flickr program that lets me upload large batches of photos. If I use the free computer lab at school, I can’t download the flickr program and I have to upload them slowly, 6 at a time. So far I haven’t even gotten through the pictures of Toledo… ¡Uf! I’d say that I’ll try to take less pictures, but I know that’s not true.

Yesterday afternoon I got caught in una tormenta (thunderstorm!) halfway across the city, and my dollarstore umbrella blew inside out with the first big gust of wind. But even its brokenwing angles were of more adventure than tragedy, and the weather is still balmy enough that coming home soaked to the skin wasn’t too bad.

I had more interesting things to say, but I’m out of time for now and ready to go home and eat… so I’ll leave you with a picture of las cingueñas outside my livingroom window:

and a piece of traditional Spanish advice…

Before you die you should do three things:

  • plant a tree,
  • have a child,
  • and write a book.
  • So go out and plant something. Reproduce. Write. Lo que sea. 🙂


    2 Responses to Algo breve…

    1. D.Cous. says:

      Whoa, I’m not even close to being ready to die, then. Cool picture!

    2. timmyK says:

      I wish I had that view out my bedroom window!

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