¡Qué piropo!

If you ever are walking down the street and someone whistles and yells: ¡Qué culo! (What an ass!) you can turn and yell back: ¡Qué piropo! (What a line!)

This is only a small piece of the cultural information I’ve gained here, both from classes and from the locals. Our communication class professor, Javier, always starts class by asking if we have any questions. We try our best to divert him from any actual lesson plans by asking him for definitions and explanations for various things we’ve encountered. Best of all is getting him to explain the piropos that the construction workers yell at us on the way to school. We still haven’t figured out what tia talga means, but we assume it’s something positive. (It’s common to hear ¡Tia buena!, revealing direct translation as a bit lacking, since “Good Aunt!” doesn’t make a lot of sense.)

Yesterday we detained Javier with random questions for a whole half hour (out of our hour-long class.) We’re most proud of ourselves when we get him to explain a concept for as long as possible, write the word in English on the board, gesticulate wildly, and draw elaborate (if obscure) drawings and diagrams. Hilarity ensues. Etc.

This is the board after class the other day. Please note that there is a knife, a zucchini, a bridge (?), and ¡con dos huevos!, all part of the day’s lesson. I bet your class isn’t that fun.

By the way, the Kingwood folk will be glad to know that I have, indeed, had my ass yelled at by some hombres in a car. Anna nearly died of laughter.

Another useful word is müjo: mullet. There are a lot of righteous mullets walking around Spain. One of these days I’m going to be sublte enough (or just plain creepy enough) to take a picture of one. Mullets in Spain? Who knew?!

(I did, for the sake of cultural prowess, dance with a müjo when I went to the discoteca.)

Speaking of tasteless haircuts, discotecas, and creepiness in general, the other day we were shlepping around and Katie (a compañera de clase) was taking a picture of the rest of us. An old man walked past behind her while she was taking the picture and casually grabbed her ass (well, more “cup” than “grab,” I suppose–it was quite nonchalant.) You have to watch out here… at the club I felt someone grab my ass, and when I turned around indignantly, he grinned and went for my chest. Luckily it didn’t take a very high level of language comprehension to express my objection.

Once we got past the creepy old men, our shlepping was successful… even triumphant:


That’s just how big the walls are.

By the way, I’m all caught up on uploading pictures…. unless I take an obscene amount more in the next few days, I might start labeling them soon.

Going out for tapas tonight. That should be nice.

Later, amigos.


3 Responses to ¡Qué piropo!

  1. claire says:

    mullets in spain?!?! who says europeans have better taste.

    haha, and creepy old men are an international constant.

  2. timmyK says:

    Man, my teacher goes off topic almost automatically! The sad part is, she doesn’t let us get off a lot of work when she does this.
    Holy Spaniards! MULLETS?! Sheesh… people nowadays!

  3. timmyK says:

    Holy Spaniards! MULLETS?! Sheesh… people nowadays.

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