I’m in Santiago de Compestela for the weekend. Tonight we take the night train back to Ávila. For now we’re resting and avoiding sketchy weather in a locutorio.

Santiago is amazing. It’s been my favorite experience of España so far. Being here with all the pilgrims who shlepped here via the famous Camino de Santiago makes me determined that someday I’m going to walk the Camino, too.

For this trip, however, I took the train from Ávila instead of walking from France. (Seven hours instead of thirty days. Well-worn green seats and crooked curtains as the train sways and clatters on the tracks. Watching the yellow-lit old walls of Ávila recede into the night, past the glass.)

Any travel has elements of pilgrimage. Being away from home shifts the focus; forces a shift in perspective. Already after two weeks here I have settled into a new kind of everyday, and this weekend it felt good to get away from the group, pack little more than a toothbrush and clean underwear, and get on a train. I may not have the huge backpack and the scallop shell on my hat, but the view is good from here. It’s the perspective that’s important.

Despite the apparent introspection of this update, this really has been the most fun weekend I’ve had in España. Highlights included a picnic in the park, a very fast and tall European ferris wheel that I rode ¡con dos huevos!, and a puppet show about Don Quijote (completely in Gallego; I was proud that I was able to understand as much as I did.)

But more about that later. Fotografias included. 🙂

Thank you for all the comments, by the way. I am thinking of all of you.


One Response to Santiago:

  1. Nach says:

    Thirty days doing the pilgrimage? Do it with a “müjo” (may be you mean “mozo” o “mojama” ???) and you will be there in 6 hours from Roncesvalles “¡con dos güevos!”. 😆

    It’s a beautiful place. Celtic cloudy-gray and green with a special atmosphere in the landscape that “contaminates” the people.

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