I had a beer in class yesterday morning. No, let me explain. It was an accident. This past week when Katie and I were researching parks in Santiago, one of the translated sites misspelled “shady” and described the park as having “many shandy areas.” So today in between classes, I was in the school cafeteria and saw a bottled beveraged called Shandy, situated next to various juices and iced tea. I purchased it to show Katie, for the sake of nostalgia and humor. It said “flavor de limón”… I thought it was some kind of tea. It’s not. It’s a beer, which I proceeded to drink back in the classroom. My classmates (and professor) were perturbed and amused by my apparent alcoholism. Whoops. I’m not a connoisseur of beer, much less obscure Spanish (and somewhat sissy) beer. I had no idea. But if they don’t want students to drink beer in class, they shouldn’t sell it in the school cafeteria, eh?


This past weekend’s Santiago trip turned out to be quite the adventure… an adventure that extended far longer than anticipated. But those stories will have to wait until later. The pictures are almost all up. 🙂


2 Responses to Whoops…

  1. D.Cous. says:

    Beer in the school cafeteria? I’m surprised, given that this is the case, that anyone even took notice of your in-class beer drinking. Rummy.

  2. Nach says:


    🙄 I’m sure there’s a Library too, and It would not surprise to me either if the professor “reprimands” a student to read a book in class.
    On the other hand, which schools lets their students to drink or to eat in class? I dunno.

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