You know what’s a great idea? Staying out laaaaaaate on a school night. Those crazy españoles and their fiestas in the park.

Apparently the band in the park played the Numa Numa song!!!… but I missed it.

What am I going to do when I get back home, and can’t listen to Spanish accents?

Anna, Clare and I leave for Barcelona today, until Sunday. Still no luck on finding an available hostel or hotel… there’s some kind of music festival and everything cheap is booked. We’re just going to jump on the train and hope we find something. Clare and I are already experts at being vagabundos and sleeping in portals and whatnot. Or sleeping on the beach would be nice.

Tried to go shopping for a bathing suit yesterday, but after looking at my bathing-suited body in the bad changing room light (and through the lense of some PMS) I couldn’t find anything I could tolerate….. but hey. The ocean is the ocean.

Yesterday was rough, but I got on the bus and rode it until I didn’t know where I was, found a big rock under a bigger tree where I could sit and write for a while, and then found my wandering way back. Like the old days. My sandal broke again. It broke while I was subiring to the Cuarto Postes the other day, and Molly fixed it, but it didn’t survive my wandering.

I want to go in more abandoned houses.

This is kind of all over the place. Forgive me.

Next stop, Barcelona.


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