Space Cadet

As it turns out, I’m not in Barcelona. Last night Clare bought the very last ticket on the night train… so Anna and I decided to wait in Madrid a day and catch the night train tonight, which is cheaper. We’ll meet up with Clare when we get to Barcelona early tomorrow morning.

I apparently suck at using the trains.

Since we are poor and tough, we decided to sleep in the train station. However, at midnight they closed and kicked us out. Whoops. We got on the last metro to Atocha, to the Paseo del Prado…. I figured that was far less of a sketchy neighborhood and a safer environment to be homeless in. We wandered around the Prado looking for an opportune bench to curl up on, but everything was closed up, wet from the rain, wet from the sprinklers, or covered in huge cockroaches. (Aahhhh…) We ended up curled on the ground near a wall near the Botanical Garden, far enough from the main streets that it was fairly peaceful.

Sleeping outside in the cold damp sucks. Sleeping outside in a country that lacks public restrooms sucks. The level of suck increases if you are a woman and on your period. Which I am.

Nevertheless, we slept (sort of) until about 5am, when we wandered off in search of facilities. Found the huge Atocha train station. Passed out on a table in a still-closed cafeteria until they opened at 7:30 and kicked us out.

I’m feeling slightly human now, after brushing my teeth and drinking some coffee. Anna and I parted ways and it actually feels very good to wander around by myself for a while. I’m starting to feel hallucinatory after so little sleep in the last few days, and it’s been raining all morning, and I am cold and damp and unwashed, but the Thryssen opens soon and I’m really excited to see it.

Best moment of today: the sign on a hostel that said they offered “Habitaciones con baños privados: Rooms with Badrooms.” As I was being amused by the sign, two guys walked by and said “Hello everybody… hello everybody… I love you,” which is apparently a great way to pick up English speakers.

As long as there is Engrish in the world I’ll be amused, sleep or no sleep.

Tonight, Barcelona, for sure.


One Response to Space Cadet

  1. Ashesbear says:

    I am wearing your sandals today. HAHA you can’t do anything about it cause you’re in Spain.

    …hurry back!!

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