Let go in small doses.

I can’t get enough of this.

Today in grammar class we had an examen. Uf… ¡qué horrible! The second hour of grammar we had to write a composition using all the perífrases, based on a picture. My picture was of a guy dressed in a beret, being brought into the police station. I wrote a tragedy, probably grammatically misshapen and horrible, about how Alejandro, newly moved to Madrid from País Vasco, got arrested for wearing his boina because of a new law against berets, in a horrible case of national misunderstanding and bias. I hope I pass this class.

If you don’t know what a boina is, maybe you should look it up and educate yourselves a little.

I’m still sniffly and congested. Anna was making fun of me at breakfast because I was chewing with my mouth open. Indignant, I tried closing my mouth and breathing through my nose… but, like I said, I’m congested, and ended up gasping for air. Well, I can be polite or I can breathe, I guess.

Oye, y de las noticias que no me importan… Real Madrid won last night. When a classmate passed on the news to us, she mistakenly said it was the first time in forty years they’ve won the title… which is way more exciting than the actual four years it’s been since they last won. Oh well… no sé nada de fútbol.

In more amusing television news, one of the best parts of my week last week was when I watched Family Guy in Spanish… El Padre de la Familia. It was the episode with Ollie Williams and “WHO WANTS THIS DOG?” …but it was Spanish, so it was “¿QUIÉN QUIERE ESTE PERRO?” I don’t know why things are so much more hilarious in Spanish, but they are.

Less than a week left in Ávila, and there’s still a lot I want to do.

–Go to Segovia tomorrow to see the famous acueducto romano
–visit the Ávila cathedral
–mail the rest of my postcards so they get to the U.S. before I do!
–go out once more with my spanish amigos
–eat some more oranges!
–find some cheap yet delicious vino to bring back home… because this is new
–have our goodbye dinner with our professors
–actually get Javier to come out and karayoke with us…
–learn flamenco?! …probably not so much
–do laundry
–figure out how to steal Marcellino and take him home with me…
–figure out how to steal Carmen and take her home with me… eating my own cooking (or lack thereof) is going to be a sad reawakening
–buy some cheap sandals, because mine are broken and Ashes is a klepto puta back home
–buy something for my amigo invisible

At the end of class one day Miguel announced that we would have “amigos invisibles” (invisible friends) for the end of the class. We were confused. He was confused. He asked us if we’d ever had “un amigo invisible.” I said “sí, cuando era niña, pero…”

As it turns out, amigos invisbles are the Spanish version of “Secret Santa” exchanges in the U.S. So we all got names for our invisible friends, and have to buy them a small gift for our final goodbye dinner.

I did have an invisible friend when I was little. I don’t know if you family folk remember that. Her name was Susan. Becca got competitive and said that she had an invisible friend, too, also named Susan. It turned into the battle of the Susans, as we described the castles and dresses and horses and increasingly extravagant possesions that each of our Susans had. It’s difficult for an invisible friend to out-bling your sister’s invisible friend… I think eventually the Susans disappeared under the pressure, not due to any maturity on our part. I remember having quite a bit of indignation. Susan was mine first. Don’t you forget it.

People think I’m kidding when I tell them that my first friends were Susan and a tree by our driveway. I’m not kidding. Homeschoolers living in the boonies get lonely. They were good listeners, I’ll give them that.

…but so are you all. 🙂

I am dreading coming home, to my broken car, broken computer, broken bank, poverty, ramen, uncertain student teaching situation, lack of employment, and the humidity that I haven’t missed at all, living here in the mountains. I’m getting more and more anxious every day about the situations waiting for me back in the states. I’ve been exchanging emails with a guy in Washington about a 6-month program with AmeriCorps, tutoring and mentoring Native American and Hispanic students, which would be really exciting. Even if I actually can muster up the huevos to make that move, I can’t move across the country in January unless I actually escape from the clutches of the COE and Eastern in general in December.

All anxiety aside, I am looking forward to seeing all of you.

Until next time… un beso.

p.s. – I hope you clicked all the links. If not, you’re missing out.

p.p.s. – If you are on Facebook, this is the best group you will ever see.

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