Uy, estáis muy guapetonas…

Mmm, productive day… I went shopping for my amigo invisible and got a few more regalitos for the people back home. We have our goodbye dinner tonight with all our professors. We’re hoping to get Javier to come out with us afterward (of course, Miguel will be there) and there may be some Spanglish karyoke in the cards, too.

Oh, yes… this past Sunday, Anna and I went to mass at St. Tomas, which is just down the road from our house. They had a Eucharistic procession after mass as part of their celebration of Corpus Christi. It was like the processions I remember from Michigan, except on a much larger scale, and in Spanish. The plaza outside of the church was covered with flowers and rose petals.

Oh… and the priest sounded like a Spanish Sean Connery. 🙂

Yesterday after class three classmates and I went to Segovia, just an hour away by bus. It’s a nice, quick, afternoon trip. The town is very pretty… it reminds me a lot of Ávila, as far as the size goes, and the general look of the streets. But while we have the murallas, they have the acueducto romano.

It’s been there since the Romans built it, thousands of years ago. Of course, since the time of the Romans Spain cleaned up its pagan look by putting a statue of the virgin in the center:

We saw a sign for public bathrooms near the cathedral, but that’s all lies. There are no real public bathrooms in Spain. This is the first time I’d even seen them try. 🙂

We also went in the Alcazar, a huge castle where “official events” still take place… it’s closed today for one, in fact, though we didn’t ever figure out what “official event” is occurring.

It even has a SCARY MOAT (mostly dry, but still…)

Besides the moat, the Alcazar has all the necessary components for any castle… a throne room:

A chapel:

Towers and battlements and whatnot: 

Crop-circle-esque gardens:

Ornate cielings in halls full of statues of old kings of Spain:

Lovely views of the realm:

Narrow claustrophobic-yet-very-attack-proof windows at the outer walls and towers:


and lots and lots of armas:

We got to see the Queen while we were there:

…okay, well, maybe it’s just a painting. But it was impressive.

Oh, and in the chapel I was excited to find pictures of both Sts. Agatha and Lucia… my compañeras didn’t believe me when I told them the stories about the saints with severed breasts and gouged out eyes and so on. The picture of St. Lucy didn’t come out very well, but St. Agatha definitely is holding her severed, bloody pecho by the nipple:

I hope that improved your day a little.

p.s. – the title is a direct quote thanks to a creepy old man in Segovia…


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