Ádios… almost.

Last night was our goodbye dinner. It was muy, muy divertido.  We went out to Tres Siglos, the snazziest restaurante I’ve been to in Spain so far. (That is, they had cloth napkins, pretty much. I haven’t gone to any snazzy restaurants here.) We filled up two tables with rowdy Americans, profesores españoles, and a few random amigos.

That’s Javier, nuestro profe de communicación, at my left. As it turns out, he DOES speak English, just not in class. 🙂

…and there’s the rest of the profes at the end of the table, making some crazy faces: Miguel (profe de cultura), Laura (profe of the other class), and Ásun (profe de grammatica).

We exchanged gifts from the amigos invisibles. I got a scarf and a deck of Spanish playing cards from Katie #2. 🙂 Trevor liked his gifts from me even though they were a little odd: a deck of cards, a box of Yemas de Ávila, and a glaringly cheery train figurine, made of sugar. The Yemas are dulces that Ávila is famous for… I tried one for the first time today; they’re very sweet but not bad. The train was just a weird little afterthought. There’s a lot of trains in Spain. It’s made out of sugar. Need I say more?

The waitstaff of Tres Siglos looked on apprehensively as the excitement escalated… including a reenactment of a corrida de toros, thanks to Miguel, Josh’s torero hat, and Javier’s new letter opener. (The picture is Clare’s. Thank you, Clare.) Anna’s gift was the most fun… she got an electronic bull, which ran around our classroom a lot this morning. It runs around and makes torero noises: ¡Ay, toro! Thankfully, Josh had his torero hat on hand again.


After dinner, we went to El Encuentro, a bar just a few streets away from my house. I was way excited when I got there, because it was the Lord of the Rings-themed bar that I’d been looking for since I got to Ávila. Someone told me there was a Tolkein-themed bar somewhere in Ávila, but we could never find it, which was disappointing since I wanted to show certain members of my family who would be disproportionately excited about such things. And now, the last week here, I find out that it’s right near my house. Qué suerte. The Eye of Sauron is painted on the back wall and everything.


We far outnumbered the few españoles at the bar, and when the camerero found out (somehow…) that we were Americans, he proceded to play mostly American music. Josh and Trevor performed a stunning rendition of U2’s “With Or Without You”.  And there’s nothing like dancing the YMCA in a Spanish Middle Earth.

There’s also nothing like watching your profesores sing karayoke. I think Ásun and Miguel are singing something Spanish here, but Javier definitely sang “We are the Champions”.

I think that once you’ve sung “We are the Champions” with your professors in Middle Earth, the world is forever changed.

Ergo, today absolutely nothing productive happened in class. We took over, more or less, and played Spanish games in Ásun and Miguel’s class. Javier took us down to the cafeteria and bought us all coffees, and I lost a few intense games of Foozeball. He had some activities for us to do, but instead we took him to the computer lab and introduced him to Facebook. Once he was successfully initiated into the world of social networking sites, we combined forces with the other classes to play more Spanish Scattegories (just pronounced with a Spanish accent) and watch the aforementioned toy bull run around the classroom for the remainder of the class time.

We also got our certificates and grades for the course… I got an A+ in the Culture and Communication classes, and a B+ in the Grammar class. As of today I’m officially done with my classes for my undergraduate degree… unless Eastern springs something on me when I apply for graduation, and that is a very real possibilty.

But all that bad news will have to wait. For now I’m done, and I have one more day here in Spain before riding flying off into the sunset sunrise.

In retrospect, I think I’m becoming more and more Spanglish in this blog. I’m pretty sure I’ve even introduced you to the Spanish spelling of words that I originally meant to write in English. This is for your benefit; I’ll ease myself slowly into full Spanish one of these days.

Or maybe it’s just because I can’t speak any language purely anymore.


One Response to Ádios… almost.

  1. D.Cous. says:

    Wow, doing the YMCA in a Middle-Earth-themed bar in Spain. That sounds really really surreal 🙂 Thanks for keeping up the blog of your travels, it’s been fun to follow along!

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