Everyone Has A Summer

Hello, amigos.

I’m sitting here waiting for a teaching sample video to compress, and realizing that it’s been a while since I’ve written here. I think I may try to pick it up again, to keep in touch but also because I realized that it might be nice to have somewhere to record my student teaching adventures. I feel bad for the friends I talk to often these days, because I don’t have a lot to talk about other than student teaching or work. This may be due to the fact that I don’t do much other than student teach and work. Regardless, I’ll get it out of my system here. If you’re tired of hearing me talk about Spanish, teaching, lesson plans, and so on… I suppose you could just click that little “x” button at the top of this screen. 😉

But I digress.

A lot has happened since I got home from Spain. After you last heard from me…

I had an interesting and nerve-wracking run-in with the law. A few days after getting home, I was driving around my family’s big blue station wagon, since little Elliot still was (and still is) not functioning. While trying to get out of a crowded parking lot at Kroger’s one fateful Sunday afternoon, I scraped against the back of a parked truck. It was barely any impact, and when I checked I didn’t see any damage, so I drove home. I didn’t think anything of it until the police showed up at my house later that evening. I was very unnerved to learn that

–there was actually a small scratch/dent on the bumper of the truck
–as of 2005, in Michigan you must report ANY accident… regardless of whether you believe there is damage or not
–failure to report an accident is a misdemeanor
–this misdemeanor can carry the same charges as drunk driving: 6 points, up to $500 in fees, up to 90 days in jail, and $2000 “Driver Responsibility Fee” over two years.

It was a rough few months of court dates and a lot of anxiety. I didn’t think I would be able to afford student teaching. Everything worked out in the end… as it is wont to do. Thanks to legal representation by my aunt Marie, we got it reduced to a civil infraction. I never thought I would be so happy to get 2 points on my license and get charged $150… but compared to the alternatives, it was a huge relief.

I had surgery again, one year later. It isn’t comforting to have more and more of my cervix cut off each year, but so far we’re keeping any serious danger at bay. I’ll continue to do so. Once again, compared to the alternatives, I am a lucky girl.

I gave up on Elliot for the time being. (It’s not me, baby. It’s you.) I decided to test the limits and see if Elliot’s condition had improved in the time I was away, and drove him to work one day. He made it to work and halfway back, at which point he died and refused to restart and had to be towed back to Ypsi in shame. Took him into the shop and apparently it would be several hundred just in diagnostic work. Ergo, he’s rusting in the driveway until I either sell him, scrap him, or scrape together the money to fix him.

But no worries, because I got my student teaching placement. I’m working at a high school in the morning (teachingS panish 2) and at a K-8th school (teaching 6th-8th grade Spanish) in the afternoons, with a cooperating teacher who graduated from the same program I did several years ago. The schools are within the range of the bus routes and schedules, so I don’t even need a car. As of now, five weeks into it, my experience of student teaching has been overwhelmingly positive. I love teaching. I love the schools I’m at. I love the students. I love the language. I could go on for hours. I’ll spare you for the moment. I’ll be finishing up the same week I turn 22, and it will be a huge relief, but for the moment I am loving it. I am disproportionately happy.

I got a second & third job. Besides Caribou on the weekends, I am also working some weekend hours at the EMU computer lab, and am waitressing at a little middle eastern restaurant / hookah bar in Ypsi on some weeknights. It’s intense. I’m paying my bills, but with the (unpaid) student teaching I’m working 70+ hours a week. I may be readjusting my hours soon, just to maintain sanity. I sleep on the bus a lot, and I’ve developed an eye twitch. But it’s been worth it so far.

I don’t have a social life anymore. Actually, that’s not quite true. It’s certainly been diminished after the luxury this summer of having lots of free time to kill. Not as many crazy adventures, wild-swan-chases, canoing, rock’n’roll, dancing on parking structures, roofsitting, fence-climbing to mysterious locations, running around in the Arb at night, and so on. Even the Sandwich Symposium, after reaching fairly impressive heights of participation, has been on hiatus due to crazy schedules. But I do find time to see some of the lovely people in my life, which is what keeps me going. Actually, there may be some music in my future, since my friends in Nightcap have mentioned that I could play with them sometime, assuming I get the harp tuned up and regain my ability to strum out some (key-of-C-only) chords….


That’s what’s new in the life of Sara. Thanks for tuning in.
Enough about me. What about you?

*P.S. – Still haven’t labeled all my Spain photos. Soon! But feel free to browse through the other (predictably bounteous) photos on flickr. It was a fun summer.


One Response to Everyone Has A Summer

  1. d.cous. says:

    Sara! I’m so glad you updated your blog, since I’ve been a lousy friend and haven’t seen you in forever. I’m glad to hear that your student teaching is going well, and that you’re maintaining at least some grasp on your sanity. See you sometime soon?

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