Interactive Poetry

(Just a little something.)

Public Transportation

or Public Access

or                  of my              with the                            .

and then again, it could be anything

that time when                         or
just the one who
or just a
bus ride to                  ;

hum of                                     and
cool glass, streetlights, the coughs and

                                         strangers in transit

winter coats, gloves, old

high heels, crossed legs,

know better than to leave the house without

                                               past the
makes me remember

walking through that parking lot
when                           3am                ,      in July

a park bench, the sound
dark, listened to as you

green eyes
felt it as you
didn’t recognize
before you             …

or that other time, the time that                and I

went to             before the

and climbed the scaffolding, sat and watched the
even though it was November

and I asked you if                     and you said

Second story windows.

              snow on the porch with



but that was a long time ago, and since then I have

and I wanted to see the world

ground pushing away, the best part was always

                                       afternoon light
gold in your green

                      telephone calls

and then

                                    and she

tried to say that “


”                                     ”

Chicago to

                       of Europe
moon over the city

still not
and I                     still going home

so sick, so good to be

but there,
the place where I thought I would never
or at least that

returning I would be

                    or something else, but there’s this song in my

brings me to where I am


losing pages, drawing lines,

searching pockets for change, stepping down from the
onto the street.


I wrote this poem a little while ago as an experiment after creating a lot of information gap and fill-in-the-blanks activities for my students. The idea is that if you prompt with a skeleton of information, someone else can fill in the blanks.

Of the people I’ve shown this to, every single person got something completely different from it. Some people were flattered that I wrote a poem about them. That tells me that I was successfully ambiguous.

I like ambiguity, for some of the reasons I like abstract art, white space, and comfortable silences.


And that’s it for now. A lot has been going on lately but I’m too busy living it to write it. 🙂


3 Responses to Interactive Poetry

  1. d.cous. says:

    Am I supposed to just fill in the blanks in my head, or on paper? Does it matter which? Cool idea.

  2. dallenia says:


  3. nkelber says:

    I enjoyed =)

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