The View From Here

Busy, busy! There’s so much going on in my life right now. Right now I am drinking lemon ginger tea during a brief respite between schools. Yesterday and today we took each of the Spanish 2 classes to Habana’s, the new Cuban restaurant in Ann Arbor, as a field trip. We requested Spanish-speaking waitstaff ahead of time, and they were very kind and patient with us. I had a great time. The café cubano con leche was very good.

I’m staying very happy and energized lately, but sometimes I think that may be due to my almost constant state of sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep has always made things luminous for me. Then again, lack of sleep usually means that I am so incredibly busy doing things that I love that I don’t have time to sleep. There’s a lot of good things going on my life these days.

  • Mostly I am still completely immersed in teaching, and gearing up to begin teaching my BIG SCARY UNIT this coming week.
  • A friend’s water broke over the weekend and she will probably be giving birth any time. Another friend is preparing for the birth of his daughter, as well. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
  • I’m excited, because I am prone to stealing babies.
  • My old roommate/housemate just got engaged, which is not at all surprising but certainly very exciting.
  • I’ve recently taken tree-climbing to a whole new level, thanks to Shana.
  • The Kingwood house successfully survived another Halloween, full of horribly offensive costumes.
  • The Sandwich Symposium is beginning to make a comeback, slowly but surely. Venison and pumpkin pie on pumpernickel? Don’t knock it ’til you try it!
  • Speaking of sammiches, and men who cook them for me, I have been spending a lot of time (well, what little time I have) with what my grandma would call a “very nice fellow”.  🙂
  • I cleaned my room! Well, mostly. It’s a vast improvement, and more functional with all my books and binders neatly on shelves instead of scattered on the floor among shoes/clothes/papers/cats.
  • I am considering buying another couple-hundred-dollar car from a friend… mostly to shlep to and from work on weekends when I have to close, and to have the means to really get to the grocery store without a several-hour detour. I haven’t had real groceries in weeks.
  • I am trying to formulate post-graduation plans. I know I will be around EMU (graduated or no) this winter to finish up an incomplete, but after that I haven’t a clue.
  • I’m trying to find a new living situation, but I doubt I’ll find anything cheaper than the current crowded and increasingly tension-ridden situation I’m in now. We’ll see. Keep me posted if you know of anything cheap (!!!) available in the next few months.

That’s all for now. Brief breather’s over; time to go do some lesson planning, teaching, and hopefully some bus-napping between school and work. 🙂

I miss all of y’all.


One Response to The View From Here

  1. d.cous. says:

    Did you go as a battered wife? That’s horrible 😮 Sorry Linds and I didn’t make it to your party this year, we had another one going on at the same time. She went as Sonny and I went as an even-uglier-than-usual Cher. Miss you!

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