And it’s only Monday.

Killing time before I brave the dreary elements to catch the bus back to Ypsi, a hot shower, a nap. Sherman Alexie is coming to EMU tonight. I’m excited to go hear him talk; I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen and read of his work. Also excited to visit with long-absent friends & family over some cervezas. Perhaps the most exciting of all is that I get a freaking day off tomorrow. Both schools are out for professional development. I had my student teaching seminar last week, so my professional development tomorrow will consist of SLEEP. Professionally. I’ll be working on lesson plans and grading and papers, and going to work in the evening… but still. Sleeeep. Sueño.

I began teaching my unit today. I have been so nervous. What minuscule sleep I got last night was interrupted by constant checking the clock, dozing restlessly. I’ve been teaching the middle schoolers for weeks and weeks, but high schoolers are newer territory, and this is a wide two-week stretch I have to get them through, and hope I come out at the end with a handful of students who can conjugate regular verbs in the preterite, and perhaps even demonstrate new insights on art and history.

Actually, it went really well. The students had a lot of intelligent and thoughtful insight to offer during our discussion of art. I’m looking forward to their final projects, which will involve individual art projects based on Goya’s social commentary in his Caprichos.

In other (nauseous) news, I have been revoltingly happy with a certain young man, probably to the discomfort of anyone around us. It’s pretty disgusting. Pretty great.
Anyway. Public transportation. I must shlep. Hasta luego.


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