Even Seasonal Pet Names Are Pretty Gross

Monday, Monday. It’s been a busy day. I always feel somewhat deflated about this time of day… after the students stampede out the door, when the exhaustion hits that I’ve been staving off with constant activity all day. Taking a breather in the now-empty classroom for a few moments before catching the next bus back to Ypsi.

It was nice to have a (pretend) weekend… that is, a weekend of productivity, with a few stints of enjoyable procrastination. We did watch Ice Spiders!!!… Ashes and I knew we needed to rent it the moment we saw it on the shelf.

Really, it was everything we hoped for. I would recommend it if you are a fan of Mystery Science Theater-esque movie critique with your friends. And the computer animation was impressively bad, considering Sci-Fi made it this year. Then again, you can get the gist of the movie just by picking up the DVD case. Giant spiders, products of a top-secret government experiment gone bad, eating people at a ski lodge. Pretty straightforward. Pretty wonderful.

Speaking of Ice Spiders!!! …or lack thereof… it’s unseasonably warm out today.

I introduced my big Caprichos project to my students today… the culminating project I want them to do at the end of this unit. I’m really excited about it. Yes, I’m a big tool. I’m sure I’ll rant more about that later, though. Time to go homeward.


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