Finish Line

I’m writing this after sleeping until 2pm on a Tuesday. I feel well-rested for the first time in months. It’s pretty incredible.

Look, that’s me and my fellow student teachers, proving that we survived the experience, along with some of the Spanish faculty. Prof. Cere even changed his signature cardigan for a special multicultural corbata for the occasion. 🙂 We had to each give a 15-minute presentation to the current curriculum class, who will be student teaching next semester. I was really nervous but once I was in front of them talking about my students and my lessons and the experience, everything was much easier. Mostly it’s such a relief to be able to honestly tell those other students: you will survive this, because I did.

My last day at the schools was last Friday, after lots of grading and tying up of loose ends. Grading the 6th graders “me gusta/no me gusta” posters was far more fun than giving out grades at the high school… which triggered a swarm of very tall teenagers waving papers or excuses at me. Claustrophobic!

I had several going away parties with my students. I forgot how hardcore little kids are about candy. I bought a crapton of it for the middle schoolers, and it was pretty dramatic. I am loving having free time, being able to breathe, and most importantly being able to sleep… but I already miss the kids.

Past few days I’ve actually had the time to

  • sleep
  • work
  • sleep more
  • start thinking about Christmas shopping
  • look at my bank account and start thinking about paying rent instead
  • go to a hindu temple with Chelsea
  • make some noise with Wes & his noise band
  • take pictures of trees
  • fall down on the ice approximately 5 times
  • work on my resume
  • start looking for teaching jobs
  • sleep more
  • celebrate with some good friends (& cousins)
  • visit the HLC & Judy Mack
  • did I mention sleep?


Now for the rest of my life.



One Response to Finish Line

  1. Nathan says:

    Congratulations! I’m glad to hear you have survived the gauntlet. Now, you can start making the small bucks! =)

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