Houseplants, and the New Year

I don’t generally do New Year’s Resolutions or really make a huge deal about this holiday. But I always like to look back at the year and feel satisfied/perturbed by what has gone down in this span of months.

This year has been very full for me. I began it as a student, and although I don’t officially get my degree/certification until this coming April, I now am (for all practical purposes) done with college. Those of my compadres who are not so lucky are returning to classes tomorrow. I feel a little jealous.

…actually that’s a total lie. I feel great.

Other highlights of 2007 were:

  • an exciting and educational trip to España.
  • several trips to TN, in the hopes of maintaining a long-distance relationship
  • the timely end of that long-distance relationship
  • the less timely death of my car (RIP Elliot)
  • taking the bus… a lot
  • working too many jobs, usually several at a time: tutoring, waitressing, barista-ing, computer labbing?
  • sammiches and shenanigans on monday nights
  • numerous and varied adventures
  • living a second year in my house, with a changing crowd of quirky people (current count is 8…)
  • surgery again… hopefully for the last time
  • student teaching… holy crap
  • being disgustingly happy with a certain young man
  • holidays spent with good people
  • a fitting farewell to the year at Corner Brewery, followed by a much anticipated sandwich extravaganza

I am very happy with where I am at and where my life is at right now, and although I’m not very certain of what comes next, I’m entirely certain that I can be happy regardless of the situation. That’s really enough for me.

On a side note, my newest exciting news is that one of our housemates is moving out this week. My rooomate is taking his room, which means I will have my own room. It’s a fairly big room, and right now my loft bed / desk are taking up just one corner, so I’m planning on utilizing the newfound space with all kinds of good stuff…. a loveseat, my new *big* bookshelf, lamps, houseplants, etc.

I’m currently looking up houseplants online that can survive cooler temperatures. Holy crap, I don’t know if I can take this level of excitement.

Speaking of which… know any cute houseplants that won’t die in my cold room? under the care of a space cadet?


3 Responses to Houseplants, and the New Year

  1. nkelber says:

    If your apartment room is any indication, you shouldn’t have any trouble filling the space =p

    Glad to hear the year went well for you. I hope the next year brings good tidings as well.

    I’ll share a poem I wrote on a car ride New Year’s day 2005:

    Three Bits of Life

    Two hours into
    Two thousand five
    Bent over a pool table
    I tell Michelle
    -the elementary teacher-
    That I am secondary.
    She says,
    “the world needs more of you”
    And I am a smile.

    When I give her my number I ask
    “Am I wasting my time?”
    She assures me I am not
    But deep inside
    Insidiously welled-up
    Is exactly that nihilistic fear
    Am I wasting my time?
    Is time wasting me?

    Three bits of life come to me
    The next morning:

    1. A child cries and I smile
    2. A child smiles and I cry
    3. Women pass on the highway
    Some are smiling
    Some are visibly hungover
    I think to myself
    “The world needs more of you”

    Everything I see is futilely moving
    From the people to my heart
    Everything I see, label, feel

    I am wearied under the weight
    Of a passing aging truck
    I am invigorated by a poor woman’s smile
    Locked in the worn wrinkles of her face
    I lose my sense of youth, but gain a sense of happiness

    When everyone was lip-locked
    Lit like electrified neon
    For that moment
    The rest of us were alone

    Not in sadness
    We were together in that
    Not in hope, reflection, desire
    The fabric of a new year

    Alone like normal
    Like reading a poem
    Or seeing a film
    That we enjoy
    Whether or not we share it

    Am I wasting my time?
    Smiling at that crying child?
    Crying for that smiling child?
    Wondering why the world needs more of me?

    No, I am biding it.
    I am saving it.
    For my dreams,
    And little poems I share.

    I guess I should include a postscript that says that Michelle never called =).

  2. saracita says:

    I do believe I read that… probably New Years 06.

    Hey, I found a sweet co-authored poem the other day, in a box of old sentimental things. Some work of genius about Minute Maid & an ashtray.

    My room is going to be sweet. I’m in the process of taking over and organizing the new space. Once it is decent I’ll share photos, because I know you won’t believe it… ha ha.

  3. nkelber says:

    Minute Maid and Ash Trays.. what kind of crappy poet…

    I hope the new room looks great =)

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