Notes from a Michigan winter

That’s the ice that’s been forming lately on the inside of my bedroom window, next to my bed.

People generally resort to talking about the weather for lack of anything better to talk about. It’s kind of a staple of innocuous small talk. That said, I’ve very genuinely been talking about the weather lately. Whining about it, specifically. It’s so darn cold out there. Today while putting my newly legal license plate on my newly legal car, my fingers almost fell off. I love winter, and I love snow, but I’m ready for warm weather. I really want to be able to run around outside without my face freezing off.

Anyway, on a much less whiny note… after nearly 8 months of bus-riding joy, I have a car again! My parents very generously found me a ’98 Lumina. I also successfully sold my previous hunk of junk (RIP Elliot). I was crossing my fingers just to find someone who would tow him away for free, so getting decent cash was a pleasant surprise. Being able to make rent for this coming month was also a pleasant surprise…

Now that I have wheels I’m hopefully going to be substitute teaching soon… still working at Caribou… looking for a teaching job for this Fall… etc. I took the state certification tests this month, and I’ll find out the results mid-February. Keep your fingers crossed.

Adam is also completely moved out of my room, and I am loving having my own space. I think I’m more organized right now than I ever have been in my life. That’s not saying much, maybe, but it’s saying something.

Please note the couch and *big* bookshelf, both from my parents. My books are happy in their new home, instead of the boxes in the basement where they’ve been stashed since I moved in.

A closer inspection of my horizontal blinds reveals the destruction caused by a certain local feline…

Oh, Apollo… he’s so (endearingly?) stupid sometimes. But he curls up at night with me, and I’m pretty desperate for any warmth I can get, so I guess I’ll forgive him.

Not much else to say. I hope everything is going well for all of you.


One Response to Notes from a Michigan winter

  1. Nathan says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. That half of the room looks very clean =)

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