the past is a grotesque animal

What happens when Sara gets up early(ish) for a productive day before a late night at work?

…her meetings get cancelled, of course, and she ends up just drinking too much coffee and wasting time on the internet.

To follow up my previous post, in return for a hot meal (not cooked by me), my housemate fixed Lucy’s door.

Looks great, eh?

No, really, my door is all in one piece now, with the window firmly stuck up instead of down, which is a marked improvement in the subzero temperatures. It was a problem with the switch, not the motor. Apparently some amateur repairs had been attempted on the door before, since the inside was held together with glue and duct tape. Regardless of her strangely rigged interiors, Lucy seems to be running fine.

Speaking of naming inanimate objects, I have a new houseplant. Her name is Shprintzel… an appropriate Yiddish name for a Wandering Jew. She’s very cute and I hope she survives the low temperatures, and my potential neglect. It helps that I bump into her every time I climb in/out of bed… so I won’t forget her existence, which has been a problem before.

Please note Apollo’s stance on my bed, where he spends a lot of time looking at Shprintzel… apparently waiting for her to attack first, since he lacks the natural instincts to do so.

Anyway, things are going pretty well. The winter is still getting to me, but I’ve been keeping anxiety at bay with productivity, and even managing to finally catch up with people I lost touch with during student teaching.

Ugh. I want spring.

Oh, and it’s mid-February… which means the stores are vomiting little pink hearts in the aisles. It’s been years and years since I actually did something for Valentine’s Day, but I haven’t really felt deprived. 😉 That said, I do have plans for tomorrow… I just don’t know what they are yet. Hmm.

Hasta luego, amigos.


2 Responses to the past is a grotesque animal

  1. justshanell says:

    I don’t tend to kill plants, although I haven’t had my own since I was a wee one, and I suppose that one’s dead too. So maybe I do have a tendency to kill plants. Indoor ones at least.

    The orchid was a Secret Santa gift from a co-worker who had driven through the death snow for hours trying to find me a CD (which he never found, hence the plant). The CD would have lived – I’m sure of that.

    I do wish the best to your Wandering Jew. I know a few of those myself.

    I’m interested to hear what the “tomorrow” plans turn out to be. I think we do not have plans. I had the best red and pink day our first year together, and it cannot be topped now, so it’s not even worth trying. (We had class at EMU-LIV until 9. He made me get in his car after class [sounds like an abduction in the making] and he parked his car in a beautifully snowy area [albeit dark…still abduction worthy], reached behind his seat, and pulled out a Thermos and two mugs. Hot chocolate date #1.)

    Hope your red and pink day is wonderful. Perhaps I can convince Nate we need some Flemish Noir from Arbor…

  2. nkelber says:

    I’m convinced.

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