Parking Structure Gold, and Other Unexpected Pleasures

On a recent (oddly warm) Sunday we got some rain that produced the most complete rainbow I’ve ever seen. You could see the entire bow clearly, and there was another fainter rainbow above the first. (You can just barely see the second one in this picture.)

Apparently the legendary pot-o-gold is located in EMU’s parking structure. Who knew?!

Have I ever mentioned how much I like parking structures? I find them beautiful in an odd way; the same kind of fascination I have for fire escapes, sketchy alleys, oily parking lot rainbows. From my roof I can sit and see the parking structure across the street: the layers of concrete and yellow light, under the pink-dark of the sky. I don’t know if it’s the view I’d choose, if I could. But it’s there, and it has its own appeal. I always like parking at the very top level of structures, often to the irritation of most of my companions, and looking at the view. Parking structures have a lot of hidden potential that most people leave untapped: swing dancing, races, picnics, photography, 3am opera. On the darker side, they are a common tool for suicide.

It’s just one of those things I bet you’ve never really thought about. Maybe you should.

I’m looking forward to summer… or just warm weather, really. I miss night adventures.


One Response to Parking Structure Gold, and Other Unexpected Pleasures

  1. d.cous. says:

    Cool post! I can’t say I really share your affinity for parking structures, though I do like the echoes you can hear in them. If you think parking structures are vaguely appealing you might try looking at pictures of old Soviet housing projects. Not that the P-Jays we have here in the good ol’ US aren’t also a wonder of dehumanizing architecture, but I think those ones take the cake.

    Hang in there, warmer weather can’t be far off! See you soon?

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