Someone is WRONG on the internet!

Recently I was introduced to a great webcomic…. xkcd. You should check it out. It’s so nerdy…. but as my friends pointed out when they introduced me to this comic, it makes nerdiness so charming. A lot of their stuff reminds me of the poetry math during nerdy coffeehouse nights a few years ago. (And even “your mom” is funny again.)

I’ve also discovered Stuff White People Like… probably one of my favorite blogs ever. Most of it reminds me of the Whiteness that comes through my place of employment every day. New evidence (that is, my preference for coffee, multilingual children, etc.) may suggest that I am white. Who knew?

Once again this is just me sending you off into the wilds of the internet, not actually writing anything myself… but while you’re at it, you should go listen to Neutral Milk Hotel, if you’ve never heard them before (or if you have). They have been a consistent favorite for months now… especially In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. I still haven’t gotten tired of that album. It works for every occasion and mood.

Speaking of which… a friend pointed me in the direction of a great website for listening to streaming mp3’s… creation beta. It’s a good way to listen to music before buying it… without downloading it. (Yarr, mateys.)

Other than that…. still working at the coffeeshop, job searching, waiting for spring. Getting ready for a noise show this Friday. Should be a good time. 🙂


One Response to Someone is WRONG on the internet!

  1. Mama says:

    Funny funny funny!

    I sent this link to Andrew, but he might actually check it our if you sent it to him….

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