There’s not an angry cloud in the sky.

I am writing this on my porch. The sun is shining, I’m wearing a skirt, I’ve got a cup of strong coffee, and a little bunny is hopping across the lawn. Holy crap, I can’t believe how much happier this weather makes me.

Earlier this week, the sunshine made me prematurely hopeful, and after work I dragged Wes to a park. As it turned out, after sundown near the dark river it was still pretty freaking cold, so the adventure didn’t last long. I always get disproportionally excited at the first sign of warmth… and then get depressed when Michigan gets spastically cold again.

Tonight “Miss America: The Movie” has a show. It’s the first show since I’ve been playing with the band. I’m pretty excited about it; it should be a lot of fun. My housemates were watching me collect supplies and judging me. (I’m definitely wearing my infamous Valentine’s Day Vest for the show. You can only imagine.)

Oh wow, if it snows again right away I am going to sucker punch God.

P.S. – Speaking of spring and things that make me happy… I am listening to some new music by The Bird and the Bee.. Have a listen here.


2 Responses to There’s not an angry cloud in the sky.

  1. d.cous. says:

    Um… dare I even ask what a Valentine’s Day Vest is?

  2. saracita says:

    Something fabulous…. thanks to Wes, Valentine’s Day, and the Salvation Army. Don’t tell Lindsay, she’d be jealous… it’s for your sake.

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