viernes de noche, marzo de aquí

Happy late Easter. It’s already been a week? Holy crap. I went home bearing store-bought flowers because I wanted to wish away the wintery weather.

(Somehow I always forget to take pictures at home. I think it’s because I’m genuinely enjoying the company… and the Apples to Apples.)

My mom gave me another houseplant… Vivian. 🙂

Today I met with someone about graduation requirements… again. The foreign language program is in some messy situations right now… it’s pretty sticky, so all I’ll say is that I finally got some clear answers (after 5 years of confusion, misinformation, and some downright deception.)

I’ve had some wonderful experiences at Eastern, but I’m more than ready to tip my (graduation) cap goodbye.

I have 3 teaching interviews scheduled over the next few weeks. I need to buy some dress pants and dress shoes that aren’t completely worn out.

I’ve been looking at apartments in Dearborn and in Chicago and pretty much anywhere I see a job prospect. I’m already scared of living by myself. Checking “allows cats” on all my apartment searches.

Whenever I am worrying or nervous about the future, a certain person I love reminds me that it might not matter, if society falls apart and we are fending for ourselves in a dystopian, Mad-Max society…

Just in case that doesn’t happen before, say, August… I’m working on a backup plan. 😉

Life isn’t all grown-up stuff. I still sometimes scream out of car windows (especially on Carpenter road.)

We climbed up to sit on the partially snowy roof today in the sunlight. I’ve missed porchsitting & roofsitting. Soon, soon, soon…

(Bonus activity: Count the use of ellipses in my blog. How much is too much?)

I have other things to say but mostly I think you should look instead of listen:

(see what i mean about parking structures?)

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