Mas o menos.

Ugh. Such a long shift today. The Dalai Lama is in town so the shop was even more full than it usually is on Saturdays.

(Insert a plethora of work-related rants here. Include profanity if you want.)

I’m tired and stressed out and sore… but let’s look at the positive:

  • It’s warm out. Hurrah!
  • I have the next two days off.
  • I had some relaxing park-sitting/woods-shlepping/hand-holding time this week.
  • I am now CPR & First Aid certified, so feel free to have an emergency in my presence.
  • The trees are budding and my windows are open.
  • I am almost a grown up.

Grown up, you say?

Well, well.

I went to EMU’s teacher job fair this week. It was crazy…. so many people there. There were schools from all over the country, but I stuck with the list of Michigan schools that had postings for Spanish… which were quite a few. I gave out about 15 resumes and had a few on-the-spot interviews that I think went very well. In all the questions I’ve been asked I’ve never felt at a loss for confidence or things to say. I guess that’s good, since I am, in fact, graduating. I am a “professional” now. (Well. Almost. Everything except for the piece of paper.)

I have more interviews in the next few weeks. One in particular I am excited about. It’s a charter school in Detroit that used to be private. The people who I talked to were friendly and gave me a really good vibe. (Or maybe I’m a sucker for beautiful brick buildings?) I’ve read up on it a bit and it seems like a good school with an innovative philosophy, and good reviews from parents (as opposed to some of my other options…) Overall I just have a very good feeling about this school… I don’t usually have a lot of strong premonitions, and I don’t think they’re reliable as a way to chart actions, but I am looking forward to the possibilities.

It’s looking like I am going to end up in a K-8th school. I’m warming up to the idea. I think one of the reasons I was leaning toward middle/high school was just the intimidation of being in charge of an elementary program, even more than the intimidation of elementary schoolers (which is pretty daunting, for such short people). In a high school setting I would probably have the support of a foreign language program, other language teachers, and a pre-established program. In many of the schools I am looking at, if I am hired as a Spanish teacher I will be the one setting up the program, and will be the sole language teacher for all the students across 9 grade levels. I may only see students once or twice a week, in between other subjects. I probably won’t have a classroom, and will be teaching from a cart.

On the other hand, during student teaching my 6th grade class was my favorite. I loved their enthusiasm and creativity. They were this big mass of energy that just needed to be redirected… instead of the constant struggle to create enthusiasm in the middle of a bunch of high school apathy. I loved teaching at the high school, too, but the apathy was the hardest part.

The moral of the story is: The reason I was probably avoiding the younger grades was partially because I’m a wuss. The reason I will probably end up teaching there is because I don’t want to be a wuss… and I think I will really love it.

My life is going to get a little crazy in the next few weeks.

Chicago. Job fair. Drive back. Graduation. Crap, plan something afterwards to “celebrate”? Interviews. Start super intense condensed 3-week class to finish up my incomplete from last year (when I left for Spain in the middle of the class.)

Somehow I need to fit in enough hours of work to pay my bills. There’s a big holdup on my fingerprints since so many school employees are trying to get theirs done before the deadline, so until those go through I can’t substitute teach, and I’ve just got the frickin’ coffee job.

Anyway, this has mostly been another exciting episode of Listen To Sara Freak Out About Money And Etc.

Tune in next time… for more!!! 😉


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