Accidental Self-Harm (or, things you won’t be surprised by)

I’m a little banged up right now… not because of any catastrophe but because I am clumsy. The many dangers in my life recently include:

  • my loft bed and it’s haphazard rough edges (I ratcheted it together myself, afterall)
  • the faucet in the bathtub
  • the very pointy heel of my tango shoes
  • a plethora of sharp edges, hot surfaces, and drawers to close myself into at work

When I get old and have brittle bones I’ll be doomed.

Speaking of opportunities for disaster, with a little assistance I replaced the chain on my bike last night and took it for a spin to test it out. I’m excited about the warmer weather and a working bike. Eventually I’d like to ride home from work… but since I’m way out of practice I’ll have to work my way up to 6 miles.

I really want to get a cat now but I am resisting.

I have a wedding to go to today.

If you are interested in a LOT of pictures of budding trees and blooming flowers in the woods, my flickr account is the place to go. Wes and I shlepped around in the park a lot last week; it was very refreshing.

There was really no reason for this update. I was just looking at my skinned knee and bruised foot, and there you are.


One Response to Accidental Self-Harm (or, things you won’t be surprised by)

  1. d.cous. says:

    Good heavens! You do seem to have a knack for self-inflicted injury. I should start riding my bike to work as well, especially since it’s less than a mile and I have pretty much no excuse for not doing so. Great pictures!

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