Oh wow. Over the space of a week my life shifted gears, straight from idling to crazygonuts. It’s like I’m student teaching again, except without actually being in the classroom (you know, the best part). Ergo, I am exhausted, caffeinated, and thinking/breathing foreign language education.

I have lots of stories and pictures and rants but really, the quick summary would be:

  • Interview: Wow! Nervous! My ideal job! Keep your fingers crossed!
  • Chicago: Anxiety attacks, poor planning, damp clothes drying in the back of the car, rush hour, relatives, anticlimactic job fair, art, trains, exhaustion
  • Graduation: Dumb gowns, early morning, empty diploma cover, family, IHOP, parkshlepping, exhaustion
  • Class: An intense semester’s worth of work in 3 weeks + 45 hours of observations = K-12 certificate, yeah! But also exhaustion.

I just got out of my 8-hour class session today, and in a few minutes I have to leave to work a 7-hr shift…. by now I’m so tired I’m nauseous, so I’m skipping my observation in Garden City tomorrow morning, just so I can sleep a little and prepare for my test tomorrow afternoon…

All that aside, I am actually enjoying this class and all the intense examination of foreign language programs. It is very real to me, because these are the jobs I’m interviewing for. Even planning for it is a lot of hard work… but work I really feel strongly about, as opposed to making sure a customer gets their perfect freakin’ decaf espresso double-blended coolers with caramel drizzle and dome lids… not flat lids, you understand? *

Speaking of which… time for work. 😉

p.s. – I think really the best part of my life right now is fresh fruit, and the person who keeps bringing me said fresh fruit.

*Hmm, ask me about my arch-nemesis sometime… everyone needs one, right?


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