An interesting cast of characters.

For anyone who likes Star Wars and/or Obama (or if the idea of Darth Clinton sounds appealing) you might want to check out The Empire Strikes Barack… hooray for nerdy politics! In the interest of fair attention to other parties, the McCain Girls’ “Raining McCain” is even more ridiculous. I almost died while watching this.


Yesterday was long and strange. I was at an elementary school in Dearborn Hts. all day observing an elementary Spanish program. However, in the process of picking up my classmate, who is a Sister of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (the order I almost joined when I was younger) we got fairly lost… several times. Due to my lack of directional abilities, I ended up burning through about half a tank of gas and losing a lot of time, but had some interesting conversations about the Catholic church, religion in general, homosexuality, and so on.

I took my OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) on Thursday… I’m skeptical about the results. I practiced a lot and was pretty nervous, but during the interview I felt comfortable enough talking in Spanish that I ended up going on some tangents I didn’t have the sufficient vocabulary for. The interviewer asked me questions about the Ypsi/A2 area and what it’s like to live here, and I was talking about EMU and UofM and the kind of education I feel I’ve gotten from EMU. Then for some reason I made the mistake of mentioning EMU’s recent murder & cover-up scandal, forgetting that most non-local people are not already familiar with all the gruesome details. Of course, she was intrigued, and asked “¿qué pasó?” and then I had to explain. I don’t even know the words for “murder” or “cover-up.” Crap. Well, at least I did talk a lot, and lasted through the entire half hour. I should get my results soon. I need to reach an Advanced Low to teach in Michigan… though it’s a new requirement and no one (professors included) is sure whether or not I can get grandfathered in, since I started the program in 2004. Everyone is being told to take the OPI, but no one is sure if it’s actually necessary. There’s the off chance I could get my certificate regardless of whether or not I take the test and score high on it.

It’s always nice to get information sprung on you at the last minute. You’re set to graduate… no, just kidding, do this… no, just kidding, we lied about that, do THIS… no, just kidding, you have to take this test… no, just kidding, we certified you to teach anyway, you just blew $150 on nothing… no, just kidding, joke’s on you, you need to retake the test… what? WHAT?

So not only am I not sure whether I’ll get these teaching jobs I’m interviewing for… I’m not even sure Eastern & the Department of Education are even going to certify me on time for the jobs I do get.

Ah, I love it.


One Response to An interesting cast of characters.

  1. wendy kennedy says:

    I love your blog. Thanks for the glimpses into your life.

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