Even spinning in a hamster wheel can feel like progress for a while

Rainy days are nice.

This class is killing me. Well, actually the class is not the sole culprit. This class + work + trying to move out is killing me.

The good news is: After seeing a variety of options over the past few days, I just called and let the subletter (?) know that I will be taking her room for the summer. I should be moving out mid-May. I need to start packing… it shouldn’t be too bad. Don’t be fooled by the clutter… I’m more organized right now than I ever have been. I’m going to ruthlessly throw more stuff out, though. I’m jealous of Anna, who I dropped off in Chicago with just three small bags and a violin case.

Good things about where I’ll be staying for the rest of the summer:

  • Huge beautiful house with 9ish bedrooms and storage space
  • Walkable/bikable distance to work
  • Right next to the transit center (I want to use my car as little as possible!)
  • Large bedroom with wood floors and big windows
  • Victorian-style slidey parlor doors on my room
  • Very promising dishwashing schedules posted in the kitchen
  • Mostly girls and two guys… a good ratio. (Too many girls = drama. Too many guys = our downstairs bathroom)
  • Big porch!
  • Adorable baby kitten… and cats allowed in general!
  • Rent + utilities $250 at most

So, hurray!

On the other hand…

I still don’t have any reassurance that my teaching certification is being processed, because no one knows if the OPI scores are even necessary. The language department is too embroiled in turmoil and drama to give anyone consistent answers.

I haven’t heard back from any job offers yet. (Though, even if I do, I can’t accept them without my certification… which may not come through in time.) I may end up substitute teaching for a year in Ann Arbor while waiting for Eastern, the Language Department, and the Michigan Department of Education to get their collective crap together.

I am trying to coordinate 25 more hours of observation in elementary language programs over the next few weeks.

I am also trying to write a 5th grade Spanish unit on castles and am about to rip my hair out.

Though, as it stands right now I don’t know if I will even have the opportunity to teach ANY unit any time soon… (Repeat cyclic rant as needed.)

It does take a weight off my mind to know that I have finalized plans to move out, and that I have at least one part of my life certain for the next few months. I think on some level I am glad to be moving just because it makes me feel like I am going somewhere, and not just trapped.

On a much more positive note, there was a surprise bag of fresh fruit in my car today from someone who has a lot of tolerance for my sleep-deprived craziness (and the spare key…) It made me smile.

On another positive note, it looks like I’ll be able to get Derrida before the summer is out. I really want to soothe my pain with kittens NOW…. someone stop me.

Box of kittens, stat!


3 Responses to Even spinning in a hamster wheel can feel like progress for a while

  1. wendy kennedy says:

    Hey, congrads on the new place! Let us know how we can help- we have a big van, you know (though the schedule will be tricky for the next couple weeks [one week ’til dress rehearsal frenzy… aaahhhh!!!] Also, I’d just be just a driver not a grunt- I badly sprained my ankle when I stepped out of the van into one of Monroe’s infamous potholes, so I’m not carrying anything these days, what with the crutches & all!.) Still, we should be able to squeeze in some trips out your way somewhere!

    I would write your congressman re Eastern’s crap, and a letter to the editor! For a school that supposedly is the leader in education schools, this is crap!


  2. Your Old Cuz says:

    Hi Cuz. This is me, still hoping to see you in the flesh someday 😀 Sounds like a great new place, sounds like EMU’s crap all over again (still makes me angry remembering all of my visits to Pierce hall and how pissed i was every time i left there). I can help move, i can find you a kitten (my parents have a bunch of new ones), I can meet your for drinks or coffee, whatevs. Let me know.
    Your old cuz

  3. saracita says:

    Mama: Thanks, and I hope I’ll be seeing you tomorrow for mother’s day… we can talk then. 🙂

    Old Cuz: I still want to see you in the flesh! I’m sorry I’m so sporadically busy. I would love to see you, kittens, and a drink of some sort! Let me look at my schedule for next week (or the next?)… this class is eating me alive.

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