Seeking Teleportation Abilities

Every morning when I open my eyes I am loking out at GREEN. I’m so happy it’s spring.

Due to the visual appeal of the season, I have an uncomfortable amount of pictures of new leaves, flowers, cute green things, and Wes looking angry in the woods. I don’t care, I love it.

Making lists makes me feel more productive. I keep making “to-do” lists (usually including some already-completed tasks for immediate checking off), feeling righteous, and then losing them, or just utterly forgetting to look at them again.

I keep forgetting how old I am. That’s awkward. People ask my age and I can’t remember if I’m 22 or 23. Old enough to vote and drink… not old enough for cheap insurance or rental cars. So what does it matter?

After careful math, I am definitely 22. For sure.

Speaking of rental cars, I am moving Matt out to Brooklyn in a few weeks. He has an internship at Google, New York. A rental car was cheaper than a U-Haul, so I’m tagging along and driving back. He gets a cheap move, I get a cheap trip to New York. I am dragging el novio along for increased Adventure Potential and so I don’t have to drive all the way back alone. I’ll miss having Matt close by, but I’m really excited for this trip. I think it will be less stressful than the whirlwind trip to Chicago.

(Which, by the way, did include a lot of good times. It may surprise you that I took a lot of pictures, for your perusal.) 🙂

All that aside, I suppose my biggest news is that I taught my 20-minute demo lesson at Nataki Talibah yesterday. I think it went really well. The 7th grade class I taught were responsive and inquisitive. Afterwards I had the chance to talk to the Assistant Principal about the school, their educational philosophy, what we are both looking for in a teacher and a school, respectively, and how the lesson went.

We talked a little about scheduling, and optimal schedules for language learning. I told her my recommendations, based on what I know about brain development, language learning, and the things I have observed in language programs (thank you, intensive class I’ve been drowning in for the past few weeks!) A major selling point for me was when, after recommended as frequent contact as possible, I said that I understand how hard it is to coordinate an ideal language schedule with an already cramped core class schedule. She immediately said that no, they don’t treat “specials” as extras or the bottom of the list–they give equal attention to music, art, and foreign language as they do to math and language arts.

I think they like me… now the question is if they like me more than the other candidate who applied. I’ll find out by next Friday. I know I like them. I can’t shake the overwhelmingly positive feeling I have had about this school from the moment I spoke to them at their table at the job fair. I almost cried while leaving the school yesterday, just from (preemptive) happiness.

Before the lesson yesterday, I did some research on teacher salaries, and messed around with some numbers and my budget. I know charter schools usually have a lower salary than public schools, so I was prepared for the worst. I am willing to take a pay cut to work at a school with a really positive environment, but I figured out the bare minimum I need to pay my bills, chip away at my debt, and still be able to save some money. When I asked about salary in the interview, she gave me an estimate that far exceeded my anticipations. For the first time in my life I wouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck… I would be making some money instead of barely scraping by. It’s such a foreign thought for me.

…then again, this would be my career, which I’ve spent years and thousands and thousands of dollars on. 🙂 I guess for me thinking about “my career” has not been connected to what I want to do and what I care about, not money at all. It’s nice to realize that maybe I can do something I love and still get out of debt, save for a house, etc.

So. Maybe the barely-scraping-by is just for a few more months. 🙂 For now, between driving all over the Detroit area every day for observations and interviews, and driving to Monroe two weeks in a row for family things, I am scraping.

I feel like even in good moods I complain too much. I really have nothing to complain about. I am so excited about:

  • moving!
  • finally getting certfied!*
  • walking to work!
  • NYC!
  • teaching!
  • getting a baby kitty!
  • weddings!
  • pretty much everything in the future tense!

*The latest rumor is that the OPI isn’t necessary for certification… which is good since I haven’t gotten my scores back yet, anyway.

I am starting to pack, and Apollo is in heaven because he has so many cardboard boxes to sit in. What a fattie. I’m going to miss them sleeping on my feet and knocking everything off my desk. (Sort of.)

Did you really read through this entire post? I talk too much.


3 Responses to Seeking Teleportation Abilities

  1. chelsea says:

    thats so great!!!! i am waiting in great anticipation with you. i think you are very inspirational, and kind and gentle and those kids, any kids really, will be better people having been taught by you.


  2. d.cous. says:

    Wow, sounds like a lot of adventures (yes, I did read the whole thing). That’s really exciting! Unfortunately, I don’t think we (Linds & I) will be able to catch up with you at the Corner tonight after all; we’re sort of hitting panic mode with wedding shenanigans. We’ll do our best, but I don’t think we’ll be able to make it.

    Also, do you know why a bunch of WordPress posts (like by the people who run WordPress) showed up in my reader as if they were on your blog? Did you change your feed settings or something?

  3. saracita says:

    Good luck with the wedding shenanigans. Maureen was consulting with the bride-to-be during beer-drinking, so it was almost like you were there with us… it’s just that we were drinking beer, and you were working on invitations. Sorry. 🙂

    I didn’t change my settings, but WordPress may have… weird.

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