A Garnish of Introspection in a Casserole of Banality

I’ve been very productive the last few days.

I finally called around and tracked down the right people to yell at for taking 3+ months to process my substitute application. I am currently registered in the system and hopefully can pick up some gigs before the school year ends.

I’ve been researching lots of apartment options (in the joyful event that I get this job in Detroit.)

I paid my bills on time and will make rent… thank you, stimulus check.

I even got an eye exam and ordered glasses today. I haven’t worn glasses for over a year, because they’ve been broken and I’ve been broke, and since I mostly need them for driving at night it wasn’t an issue for my carless (not to be confused with careless) little self. But I want to be able to read signs on the way to and from NYC, and also read the board in my own classroom, so should be four-eyed again within the week.

I wish being productive didn’t always involve me spending so much money.

I think I should rename this blog “another boring grown-up blog.” Maybe I should start writing some lugubrious poetry or something for you guys… or take some more close-up pictures of flowers.

Eh? EH????

In lieu of me being entertaining myself, go check this out: String Spin Toy

Oh, in other great news, I finished the last of my observation hours this morning. Hurray!

A lot of my observation hours have been with a classmate who is a nun in the order I almost joined, years ago. I’ve driven her a lot, and have enjoyed the chance to talk to her about teaching, religious life, and so on. She had been waiting to see where she was assigned to work this year… and after the chance to see so many elementary language programs, and receiving her certification, she had discovered a real desire to teach Spanish to little kids especially. I asked her about it today, and she said that she had been assigned to work as a secretary at the motherhouse. I could hear the disappointment in her voice. I can imagine that for me, it would be the equivalent of being told, right now, that instead of teaching I would be spending the next year (at least) working at, say, Caribou.

“Well,” she said, “that’s sacrifice, isn’t it?”

It is. It’s so odd for me to think that a few years ago I thought I would be there, possibly in the same situation. I admire people like Sister who are willing to sacrifice everything–even things they really care about and feel called to. It makes me realize once again how fortunate I am, to be in the place I am now, and not where I thought I would be, or feared I would be, or even hoped I would be.

Ahem. Onward.


One Response to A Garnish of Introspection in a Casserole of Banality

  1. d.cous. says:

    See? That wasn’t boring! Keep it up!

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