Todavía esperando.

I know a lot of you are crossing your fingers for me and praying for me, and I appreciate it.

Well, I haven’t heard back about the job yet. They said they’d let me know either way by this past Friday, but it’s Memorial day weekend and I’m sure things are a little wonky at the school, and that’s why they haven’t called yet. I hope.

I haaaate waiting for the phone call, though.

I’ve been looking elsewhere just in case. I applied for a job in Monroe. I really do not want to move back to Monroe.

Thank you for the prayers… keep them coming?


2 Responses to Todavía esperando.

  1. wendy kennedy says:

    What school in Monroe? Tim thinks it would be funny if you went to Monroe High & he had you as a teacher. Scary. I feel old!

  2. saracita says:

    Monroe High…. the position is already filled, though.

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