Adios, Kingwood.

I’m moving out today, on the last possible day before new people move in and I leave for NYC. I wanted to be out earlier, but I’ve been so busy, and every time I’m home I’m so allergic and gross-feeling that I’ve ended up packing a little and then crashing for hours at a time.

But today I have the day off and I am armed with allergy medicine, eye drops, coffee, a pickup truck, and some muscular housemates, and so I’m getting this done.

I have so many boxes of books that it’s ridiculous. I have an entire bookshelf and a big bin just full of an assortment of things I have decided are potential “teacher stuff.” But really I don’t have a lot else… I’m paring down my collection of “sentimental junk.” It’s down to a small container full of letters now. I always hang onto stuff for too long.

I found my old answering machine with messages from three years ago; that’s always funny.

I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time lately making angry (or at least impatient) phone calls.

Eastern, why the crap haven’t you sent my stuff over to the State yet???

(Oh, it turns out they lost my CPR paperwork, and I have to turn in the background check things a total of three times.)

Pearle Vision, why aren’t my glasses in yet?

(Oh, they just came in. Sweet. I can finally see distances; it’s incredible.)

Nataki Talibah, any word about that job?

(No. They’re still deciding.)

In between my sneezing, packing, and ranting into the phone, I have been working and substitute teaching a little. I spent Wednesday with a class of 5th graders, which was chaotic but fun, and Thursday with English classes at Willow Run H.S., which was much better than the horror stories I’ve heard. I put the teacher eyes/voice on as soon as people started chattering in the first class and they calmed down immediately. Maybe I’m finally mean enough.

Anyway, my coffee/breakfast/blog time is up now and it’s time to start shlepping some junk around.

Speaking of junk, check these out… who knew trash and light could be so cool?


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