Con dos huevos… otra vez

Check out the predictably voluminous collection of pictures on my Flickr, mostly from my adventures here:

There are a lot of pictures of big buildings, landscape, trains, and Wes looking angry in various urban settings.

Since I last wrote, I…

  • moved into a new house
  • temporarily procured a gigantic red pickup truck: the kind of truck I would drive if I were a 300-lb hick who loved Nascar and hated the environment… maybe someone from my hometown 😉
  • helped to drive said pickup truck 600+ miles to move Matt into his new place in Brooklyn
  • moved Claire from her old apartment as well… all at about 3am
  • wandered around Brooklyn and Manhattan in a frantic manner
  • briefly saw old friends and older art
  • drove the Hick-up Truck 600+ miles back after very little sleep

It was an exhausting but worthwhile trip, and I’ll describe it in more detail (pictures included) later on.

Right now I am taking a procrastination break in the middle of this paper that is due tomorrow.

I’m feeling disoriented right now, from the very rapid changes in environment… travelling hundreds of miles, moving very fast under mountains and subways and up onto rooftops, listening to the jumble of languages in Brooklyn, eating $9 yuppie sandwiches in Manhattan, returning to a new house, new housemates, new spazzy kitten (not mine!) climbing my blinds, new important conversations, new coffeeshop where I’m trying (and currently failing) to be productive, and it’s summer all of a sudden.

I haven’t slept much at my new place yet, probably because I don’t feel like I’m settled anywhere. Also no word on jobs (though I have some more interviews in the making), and the window of opportunity is closing quickly… if I don’t know soon, I may not know until August whether or not I have a job.

The good news is:

  • I know where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing for the most part until August
  • I can now walk or bike to work (to make up for the gas-guzzling atrocity I drove to New York; dear lord)
  • there is a cute cat in my house to love on and perhaps one of my own on the horizon
  • I am comfortably surrounded by bookshelves, windows, and wood floors
  • I have a queensize bed that I don’t have to climb up seven feet to get into… heck yeah
  • I know better than ever what I want and where I want to be in life, whether or not I can get there any time soon
  • And hey, Obama won!

And I have all you suckers to read my list-y blog, and look at my endless pictures of “baby leaves.” 😉


One Response to Con dos huevos… otra vez

  1. d.cous. says:

    Wow, sounds like you’re a moving fiend these days. Wanna help me move? 😉 Sounds like you had a good time, though. I’ve only been to New York once, but I liked it a lot. Hopefully I’ll catch you for a beer one of these weeks, but it prolly won’t be this one. Keep on writing!

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