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To give you a brief photo-synopsis of our trip to New York…

Matt, Wes & I set off on Sunday afternoon and drove. And drove. Actually, we took a wrong turn and went out of our way… the entire state of Pennsylvania out of our way. Ah well.

Luckily our vehicle was bigger than ANYTHING ELSE on the road.

We got to Matt’s new apartment in Brooklyn after 2am… moved all his stuff in… moved all Claire’s stuff in from her old apartment a few blocks away… and finally could crash as the sun was coming up.

Matt’s new place has Gargoyles:

a fireplace adorned with decor from Africa and the Upper Peninsula:

a dinosaur head in the front “yard”:

roof access with a view of Brooklyn and Manhattan across the way (you can just barely see the Empire State building)

and best of all, an ostrich in the front entryway: (question: who looks more alive in this picture?)

On Monday, while Claire and Matt shopped for furnishings, Wes and I ate delicious (cheap!) deli sandwiches, braved the buses and the train, and wandered around Prospect Park, which was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

On Tuesday we went to Manhattan and were grateful for Claire’s knowledge of the trains… she’s been there a year already, working in fashion design:

(I took a lot of pictures while waiting for the train.)

(but this one is my favorite)

We saw a few big ships and a lot of bigger buildings:

and I felt short a lot:

We met up with my old coworker Jake, who has been living in NYC for a while and teaches in the Empire State Building. We all walked around Central Park for a bit, and sat on the big rocks.
By this point we were pretty tired, but we wanted to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was free for the Museum Mile.
We were too beat to stay very long, but saw a lot of good things:
All the way to the roof:
Completely tired, we shlepped back to Brooklyn so Wes and I could take a nap… a very short nap… and get on the road at around midnight to head back to Michigan.
I drove for the first five or six hours, mostly through the dark hills of Pennsylvania. Very tired. Very big truck. Wes took over and I was able to sleep some. (Of course I could sleep.)
Wes woke me up when we were going through the mountains and it was getting light:
We got back to Ypsi just in time to return the truck to Enterprise before they closed at noon.
And there you have it.
It was a good trip. I like trips in general, and big cities, and good company. I was a little surprised at how friendly people were in Brooklyn… I guess I was expecting stereotypical bitchiness. I liked Brooklyn a lot… it was a huge jumble of languages and cultures and had a very “community” feeling to it. I could handle living in Brooklyn. Manhattan was much more populated with the snobby rich white people who I was expecting to find on the trip. The flashy stores and the $9 sandwiches were a bit much for me. But it was a good experience. It’s nice to know I can go back to visit… I’ll have quite the collection of friends out there! However, with gas prices (even in a car that isn’t a huge truck) I think I’d rather fly than drive.

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