Notes from an Unemployed Spinster Schoolmarm

The most exciting addition to my life lately is Derrida:


Don’t you want to just SQUEEZE him to DEATH with LOVE????!!!!

My parents got him from the litter across the street and surprised me, but some of my new housemates are apprehensive about another cat since I am not on the lease. So until I move into my own place in August, he is living at Kingwood, where he has plenty of people to love him… maybe to his demise! Even Apollo and Starbuck are warming up to him a little, though they were terrified at first.

I finished the hellish class, after staying awake for over 30 hours finishing the unit. It’s nice to know that this was the last time I’ll ever have to complete one of these godawful projects for this teacher… no more days upon end of forsaking sleep and food for the agony of studying standards, writing objectives and scripting out lesson plans. After a few more angry phone calls, I think EMU finally has their crap together and is sending in my certification materials to the state… though I have to call tomorrow to check again.

But I’m done, really. It feels weird. I feel a little lost. I have too much time to freak out about how everything I know about my life ends in mid-August.

Time is running out for my job search. I’ve been spending several hours a day applying for jobs by the dozens. Catholic Central hired someone else with experience. No one else is getting back to me, replying to messages, etc. I just finished applying to NYC public schools, which seems a little more feasible since being there. If I need to be I’d rather move somewhere where I know some people, have someone’s couch to crash on until that first paycheck comes in.

I’m scared because I’m still living paycheck to paycheck, and simply won’t have the money for a move across the country and a security deposit somewhere. I haven’t been able to get over 20 hours at the coffeeshop for several weeks in a row. I can barely live on that, even with walking to work and cheap rent, and certainly can’t save anything. The good news is that I have an interview on Tuesday as a waitress at Zingerman’s Roadhouse. I have good references there and waitressing experience from Town Cafe (ha ha) so prospects are good.

At least with no more school and not enough hours at work, I have a lot of time for my dorky pursuits. 🙂 Recently I’ve been accused of turning into a middle aged woman. I’m in a book club, excited about garage sales, discussing recipes and wines, having dinner parties with other couples, strolling around parks, and trying to contemplate what I want to knit next. And yeah, on the fast track to being a total cat lady.

I can feel my environment shifting, getting an idea what this summer will be like, who I will be close to, where I will be. It’s weird to think about past summers and how fast things change in the course of a year… two years… several. Weird to think that I might be somewhere entirely different within a few months.


One Response to Notes from an Unemployed Spinster Schoolmarm

  1. Nach says:

    Derrida!?!? 😯 WTF? Oh my, it’s dreadful!!!! It is known that names are the single most important influence on the personality development, even for pets. The swamp rabbit that tried to kill Jimmy Carter was a disturbed pet named “Tax”. His owner, a peaceful government employee (Treasury) from Plains, thought that “Tax” was the perfect name for his pet. The poor animal developed violent, bloodthirsty and killer instincts. That day “Tax” got away from home and the US president cut in front of him. After the incident “Tax” was under pet-psychological treatment. Finally he changed his name (he chose “The Legendary Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh”), and he became famous.

    Believe me: you will breed a ninja-cat, a real killa. 😆

    Best Regards.

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