oh my

Holy crap, I’ve been shockingly productive!

My hours and hours of job searching are starting to show some results. I have interviews this week and next in Westland and near Jackson, and am signed up with an organization that is trying to hook me up with a lot of independant and charter schools… mostly East Coast Prep schools with Ivy League colleagues, and students bound for Ivy League schools. Not sure if I could handle that. We’ll see.

I’m also in contact with some AmeriCorps programs… mostly because I was starting to despair of anyone giving me an actual teaching job. There’s some adult literacy and health education programs working with a largely Hispanic community in Brooklyn that I might do as a last resort.

On the more immediate horizon, after my interview today I’ll hopefully have a 2nd job as a waitress, so I can actually pay my bills…

Oh, and I’m looking into Arabic lessons. I’m kind of going a little crazy with all my free time. I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not insanely busy, except for freak out.

It’s been a productive freakout, at least. Be proud of me. 🙂

(Not all productive. Last night we climbed some major trees and went on other top secret missions. I’m happy it’s summer.)


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