You turn the dial, I’ll try and smile

If you are into yogurt, particularly cheap store-brand yogurt, let it be known that cheap Kroger yogurt kicks Meijer yogurt’s butt.

Speaking of cheap store brands (and butts)… Kroger generic toilet paper is pretty useless.

This has been your shopping update for today. Thank you.

I’ve been so anxious lately. I’ve bitten my nails to oblivion. But today I woke up to rain, a knock on my window, and breakfast.

As you may know, I think breakfast is the most luxurious thing possible, mostly because it never happens for me.

Other good fuel:

  • thunderstorms almost daily, though it is kind of weird
  • porchsitting
  • not driving to and from work
  • coffee, albeit in inordinate amounts
  • sushi
  • climbing through windows
  • kittens
  • a comfortable use of the future tense

That’s it.

It’s been a pretty good day… considering it’s not noon yet, and I hurt myself no less than 5 times getting out of the car this morning.


One Response to You turn the dial, I’ll try and smile

  1. chelsea says:

    these almost-daily thunderstorms have been making me so very happy as well. im sitting on a porch now, a porch that wont be mine much longer…and i tried to have coffee with you the other day but you werent working and then i realized i only had about two minutes before i had to be at work. when do you work this week? i want to have coffee talk!

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