“Top graduate from sex academy”

Sometimes while clearing out my spam folder I find some pretty hilarious email subjects… mostly amusing variations on ads for male enhancement. “Top graduate from sex academy?” Ha ha.. is that a real school? “Matchless aesthetics of wristwatch!” is pretty funny, too.


In cat lady news, this little guy has fleas, apparently. Today I’m going to give him a flea bath… and the other two cats probably need it, too. Bathing 3 whiny cats should be fun. I’m assuming the fleas are from the few minutes Derrida spent outside last week… I took him out into the yard, where he liked running up trees and then freaking out because he didn’t know how to climb down. What a silly cat.

Other than that… I feel like my life has been consumed by work–less actually working and more searching for work. I should have some answers within a week or two, and if I don’t I think I’ll sign up for Americorps. Possibly out near Seattle. Everything is moving really fast; it’s a little scary.

El novio and I went to the MOCAD in Detroit this past week, which was very enjoyable.

There’s a lot of things I have to do this summer, but art-museuming was something I really wanted to do. Other things I’d like to do before moving and becoming a real grown up:

–camping trip?!
–see the new DIA
–long overdue exploration
–maybe get this Spanish conversation group going…

I tend to make a lot of lists; it makes me feel productive… without actually being productive.



One Response to “Top graduate from sex academy”

  1. d.cous. says:

    I saw the DIA a few months ago, I’d highly recommend it. I hadn’t been there in years. I love summer, I hope yours is as low-stress as it can be!

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