More Modern Things I Don’t Understand

Once when I was talking about childhood memories like powdered milk, a friend told me “your stories about your childhood are the same as my mom’s stories from the 50’s.”

Who knows? Maybe it’s true. Anyway, I have trouble understanding some modern conveniences, like sink garbage disposals. I didn’t even really think of the concept of garbage disposals until the people at Kingwood were complaining about the lack of one.

Now, living with one of those beasts right in my kitchen, I am coming to appreciate them. It’s so crazy! I’m still impressed by its powerful roar. I’m still impressed by how you can put all kinds of garbage right down the sink, and it’s okay!

Oh man, I haven’t even touched the satellite TV. I’m not brave enough.


One Response to More Modern Things I Don’t Understand

  1. d.cous. says:

    Hahaha, I hear ya on the growing up in the fifties bit. The (limited) photographic evidence of my upbringing only adds more confusion, as the clothes I wore suggest that I was growing up in the seventies, rather than the eighties and nineties. Ah, hand-me-downs. I lived with Maureen for months before learning that she had an In-Sink-Erator (yes, that’s what it says on it), at which point I began using it frequently, and often with an air of “what won’t they think of next?”

    Then I remember that I’m 23, and the in-sink garbage disposal has probably been a fixture in American homes since before I was born.

    It was good to chat with you the other night, talk to you soon!

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