Is Candy In?

People keep calling for “Candy? Candy Kenabi?” I’ve also gotten a few calls from a restricted number, from someone who is either someone I know, or a weirdo stalker who somehow got my number. Maybe the calls are actually meant for Candy. Lucky her.

El novio and I accidentally had a Really Nice Date last night, including all the components of a nice date (food, movie, playing on play structures in a park…) It was great, because he starts his new job soon… he’ll be working 60 hours a week for The Man and I’ll be teaching and living an hour away, so our days of carefree running around in parks will be rare. We watched Wall-E, which was cute. Last week we saw The Dark Knight… which was not cute, but still amazing. I highly recommend both.

Still looking for a place to live. I’m going out to Ferndale again next week to look at some places.

No worries, no matter where I live, I’ll have a fierce attack kitten to protect me:


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