Preparando para mudarme…

Well, I move this week… in bits and pieces, between my last handful of shifts at Caribou. Yikes.

I found an apartment, after much looking. In the process of my search, I encountered:

  • A bathrobe-wearing Australian ex-professor trying to rent a shabby basement with a “kitchenette” which was actually just a Coleman-style burner on the dryer… oh man.
  • A tiny, tiny apartment with a 8’x9′ bedroom, bright orange living room and anime characters on the light switches.
  • A house to which I was directed to via directions including landmarks such as “The Booby Trap” – a strip club. I was disappointed I didn’t actually see it… I’m sure only a classy-looking establishment could have such a superclassy name.*

Anyway, after all that, I found a great place that, although suffering a lack of boobs, anime lightswitches, or landlords in bathrobes, is more than satisfactory. I decided to take it because:

  • It’s located 10 minutes away from the school, in Hazel Park
  • Rent is less than $600/month, considering all utilities
  • The place is huge – bedroom/kitchen/living room/entry storage place/office?
  • The extra “office” has its own closet and can be used as a 2nd bedroom, if I ever wanted to have a friend/roommate move in
  • Hardwood floors, lots of light
  • Plenty of room for my exponentially-increasing felines
  • Nice residential neighborhood, community garden behind the house!
  • I’ll live right around the corner from a park named after me

It’s probably too good to be true, so whenever catastrophe erupts that should be exciting.

This week is going to be crazy, and I report to school a week from tomorrow. I don’t anticipate having much of a social life until, say, next June, so I’m hoping to see a lot of people at the usual place tomorrow night. If you’re reading this and aren’t a random internet stalker, you know where that is and are certainly invited.

*Oh wow, I found a picture online! Here it is… The Booby Trap!


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