Here I go…

I’m on lunch break, which is pretty much the only time I have internet access… no internet at my new apartment (maybe after a few paychecks…) and I haven’t gotten my laptop at school yet.

Anyway, here I am, in Ferndale, doing the teacher thing. I reported to the school yesterday morning, met my fellow teachers, and so on.

You’ll all be pleased to know that I did end up in a convent, after all. The school I am teaching at is in an old Catholic school building, next to a church. The Spanish office is next door in the old convent.

I haven’t gotten my email set up, my laptop, my contract, or any of that, but it was exciting to see my name up on the board when I got to school yesterday morning. Today we actually got the first tentative schedule. It looks like for the first quarter I’ll be teaching 7 classes every day – each a different grade, except for 2 different 5th grade classes. One hour long lunch/planning period in the middle of the day. At least I get to see the kids every day. But that means 6 preps every day, 5 times a week… do the math, and that means 30 separate lesson plans every week.

I’m still feeling a little dazed. It will pass.

My apartment is coming along well. I’m mostly unpacked, except for my desk that I trash picked… I need to repaint the drawers, which are a hideous pastel pink.

Derrida was mad at me at first – I bathed her, put her in the car for an hour, and took her away from all of her friends – but now she’s just super needy. She is spending a lot of time walking around the apartment meowing dejectedly, and climbing on my face or attacking my feet at night. She likes to explore the closets, so I keep picking dust bunnies out of her whiskers. What a cutie.

So, I’m settling into my cat lady existance fairly smoothly.

Time to shlep back to school. I’m sleepy.


One Response to Here I go…

  1. Your fav cuz says:

    Dearest cat lady,

    Glad to hear you’re settling into the new place and so far enjoying your cat lady existance. I’m slightly concerned that you’re a cat lady with only one cat… and might have a cat to offer in order to rectify that situation. Naturally I’m not sure I can actually part with her- but the cat allergies thing is becoming a problem and now that the dogs are cat-friendly, I may have to let her go. Here’s a few details to whet your cat lady appetite (I may have to go from being a cat dog lady to being just a bitch lady) 😀

    Ahem, sell job on the cat…
    1) she’s named after beer (Killian)
    2) she thinks she is a dog (and this week she’s eating dog food since I ran out of cat food)
    3) she likes to have a buddy around at all times
    4) she’s wonderfully litter trained – never had an accident
    5) she is dog friendly but not necessarily plant friendly
    6) she’s people friendly
    7) she’s a cat
    8) she likes me, chances are she’ll love you
    9) she looks irish, like you 😉
    10) she likes the ocean you painted on my basement wall years ago
    11) she just might come with large quantities of chocolate and beer…

    How’s that??? 😀

    Your old and crazy cousin

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