Mi primer fin de semana como una maestra…

Ohh, Saturday. It’s nice to have a day off. I’m freezing in Caribou’s air conditioning, but that’s better than sweltering in my apartment. I can’t find fans anywhere, so just have my small one pointed at my bed for now. I took three showers yesterday, and still spent most of the day sweaty.

Everyone seems so nice around here… I’ve had very friendly conversations here at the Royal Oak Caribou. I’m trying to pick up some hours here. People definitely seem friendlier than Ann Arbor, at least. Or maybe I’m just desperate for human interaction. That’s probably it.

I did have dinner with a friend this week, though, who works not too far away. And I drove a bit to help a friend with her move. She just got married, after a week long engagement… which is crazy. But she knows how I feel about that; I’ve definitely ranted about it enough.

Mi novio came over last night to see me. Friday nights are pretty much the only times I’ll be seeing him for a while; I’ve been spoiled all summer, when he could stop and knock on my window on his way home from work. But it was really good to see him, and it was a nice evening, despite the unbearable heat.

My freezer is on the fritz. I put ice cube trays into the freezer last night, but when I got up in the middle of the night to get some ice water, they were still lukewarm water. Worse, the other food in the freezer was thawed. The freezer must have died sometime in the night, however, because the chicken I took out to thaw for dinner was definitely still frozen. Argh. My landlord came over this morning and tinkered with it; hopefully it is running normally soon.

As it is, I am going to be cooking a lot of chicken in the next few days. How long does thawed chicken stay good? Maybe I can put my new *crock pot* to some use. Maybe I should have a house warming soiree this weekend, and serve chicken appetizers, a tasty chicken main dish, with a side of chicken, and a tasty dessert of chicken… hmmm.

When is fall going to get here? I’d give anything for some cold weather. Wasn’t I whining about the opposite this winter?

Oh no, I really am a grown up. I’m writing about the weather, and my freezer.

How about a visual tour of my new apartment? Hmm?

The apartment is the upstairs of a house. The first think you may notice in the downstairs hallway is a really tacky umbrella that screams “CAT LADY!” I found it at a thrift store for cheap… how could I not get it?

Now, up we go:

The first room you enter is the entryway. There’s a lot of space here… storage in the crawl spaces, and room for furniture if needed. Not heated in the winter, but oh well. For now Derrida’s litter box is here.

Then onto the rest of the apartment…

Straight ahead is the living room. I haven’t used the air conditioner (except for the fan) because I doubt it will do much for the whole place… I might move it into the bedroom where I can close the door and just keep that one room cool.

Just off the living room, in the front of the house, is the small room that I’m using as my office:

And to the right of the living room, the bedroom. It feels huge, just with my dresser and queen-size bed in there. I’m so used to having everything crammed into one room: bookshelves, couch, desk, etc…

There’s a kitchen and a bathroom, but I don’t have pictures of those. I do have a kitchen table with a blue shmata on it, however.

I did take all these pictures pre-furniture, so just use your imagination… I’ll show you more some other time. I haven’t yet found a couch I can fit up the narrow stairs, so the living room is kind of devoid of seating. I have one chair in the entire apartment… for dinner last night Wes and I sat on the floor at the coffee table.

Oh, and of course, there is a baby cat running around crazily, or lying under the bed… particularly in the heat, she’s not running around so much, except of course at night when I am trying to sleep.

Okay… time to go home and cook up some chicken and maybe even have some ice cubes in my water…?!


2 Responses to Mi primer fin de semana como una maestra…

  1. d.cous. says:

    That place is gorgeous, and it looks huge! Congratulations!

  2. nkelber says:

    Mmm… nothing is sweeter than a chicken party.

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