Bad Coffee with a Side of Misogyny

Since I moved, I’ve been driving past this little donut shop on 9-mile, called Apple Fritters Donut Shop, or something like that. From a distance it reminded me of Dom’s Bakery… which, as some of you know, is one of Ypsi’s gems. Open 24 hours, sketchiest looking drive-through ever, fresh donuts, best cheap-o coffee & hot chocolate ever, friendly service, right around the street from my house on Kingwood…. and so on. They even have seasonal “decorated cookies” …so after watching “Buffalo 66” together, el novio could bring me hot chocolate and a heart cookie and we could SPAN TIME together.

(If you haven’t watched that movie, you should… then you’ll understand.)

Anyway, I had high hopes for this little place, and I didn’t get the time to make coffee before leaving for work this morning, so I stopped in on the way to work. There were a few grizzled old guys sitting around drinking coffee. I walked in the door and was surveying the muffins and donuts and things, while the guy behind the counter was washing something, or frying something, or who knows. He stood up, and noticed me standing there.

Donut guy: Oh! Sorry, didn’t notice you. I was just doing a woman’s job here… heh heh heh.
Me: A what? Oh, no.
Him: Why do women have smaller feet?
Me: Uh… to stand closer to the sink?
Donut guy / grizzled guys: Heh heh heh.

The coffee was really weak. The donut was okay, as far as donuts go. I miss Dom’s.


2 Responses to Bad Coffee with a Side of Misogyny

  1. d.cous. says:

    In Donut Guy’s defense, he may have just been trying to break the ice, and not a real misogynist. Maybe. I don’t know. That’s still pretty bad. Perhaps he should’ve gone with a blonde joke instead 😉 I hope the new job’s going well! Glad to hear about your apartment!

  2. nkelber says:

    Some of my best friends are misogynists.

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