Fun With Colors!

How To Make Purple Sheets:

  1. Buy pretty, light blue-grey sheets for your queen size bed. Which are never cheap, by the way.
  2. Buy bright red dish towels from the dollar store.
  3. Wash them together, because you are a laundry genius.
  4. Surprise! Pastel purple sheets!

I hate purple.

It’s been a domestic weekend, resulting in some misfortunes… including (but not limited to) girly-looking sheets, and a bump in the head from where I opened a cupboard into myself.

But I have a couch now! And a weekend off! Shiny clean floors! Clean dishes! Not all done by me!

(This is a rare sight, so I figured it was worth capturing on film.)

Derrida is still crazy, but adjusting. Check out this face:

Guess who raised this babe? Hmm? Or… hmmmm?

My big plans for today fell through, since the library is closed. But I’m hoping to do some canoeing in Ypsi this Monday… anyone?


3 Responses to Fun With Colors!

  1. Your fav cuz says:

    I can’t believe you hate purple – I’m not a frilly girly girl, but I do love a nice purple. 😀 Sounds like quite the experiment- turning everything purple- nice work. Also nice work getting BF to wash dishes. Happy domestications!!

  2. saracita says:

    I guess I didn’t realize I hated purple… until I covered a very pretty blue with that color. It’s not too bad… it looks intentional, at least, and not splotchy. I’m just dumb.

  3. nkelber says:

    Your big plans were the library? You are going to be a cat lady.

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