Punches! Guns! But not really guns.

Week 2, Day 1:

A fight broke out in my morning class of seventh grade boys. I got caught in the face by a flying punch. No serious injury to my face, but it still shook me up. Two boys suspended for two days. I spent my entire lunch period filling out paperwork and referrals, and getting numbers to call parents. Then I filed the paperwork for the wrong student… same first name; mixed up the last names. Oh, man. I need to get these names down. So the the paperwork was a mess, but at least the correct students were suspended.

Actually, aside from being punched in the face by a seventh grader, the day was decent. The last hour of second graders was fairly calm.

The weekend was great, but I have never seen a weekend speed by so fast. Visited a new church with el novio. It was good to see Ann Arbor people.

Last night I was just falling asleep when I heard a loud bang, that sounded like it came from outside–my bed is directly next to my open window. In my half asleep state, I tried to figure out what it was. It sounded like a gunshot… or did it? Already perpetually anxious about living by myself, I got out of bed and looked out the windows. The back porch light was on, which I have never seen on. I saw a dark figure walk along the side of my neighbor’s house… then walk up onto the porch. It was my neighbor, smoking a cigarette. I checked the stairwell, checked all the locks. Then I walked back upstairs to find my metal coffee mug on the floor. Derrida had knocked it off the table, causing a loud bang. I am an idiot. I went back to bed.

Good news: this is my last week of poverty. Sort of. I get paid on Friday, a real big-kid paycheck, and can start paying everyone back… bills, the government, generous friends and family, and the non-generous credit jerks.

Oh my lord, I am going to be back here again tomorrow.


One Response to Punches! Guns! But not really guns.

  1. Nathan says:

    Fights and suspensions, oh boy. At least your face wasn’t a casualty.

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