The Thinking Chair

My hair is getting long again. I want to cut it off, but then I wouldn’t have anywhere to keep my pens and pencils, and they would all disappear… instead of just most of them.

I think if I could teach every other day, I would be okay. As it is…

Last night was a big, beautiful rainstorm. It felt like Fall. I love hoodies and hot tea and that beginning-of-Fall smell. I even took a half hour break to read, with the rain outside. Then it rained through my leaky windowsill onto my bed, which wasn’t as cozy.

I am spent. People say “spent” to mean tired. I don’t think I’m spent like money is spent, because that implies that something has been bought. Today was a day where I just decreased in value.

The phrase I have heard quite often in the last few days: if you can teach here, you can teach anywhere. Okay.

I don’t have much to say that isn’t whining, and I don’t really want to whine.


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