Even though there aren’t really blue skies today

How about some positive things?

Cliff Bells last night was lovely. A very classy place, good music, good company, good stories. We went out to a coney island afterwards, and I got home after 1am, which made 6am feel extra special. But it was worth it, just to have some social contact… which was more refreshing than a good night’s sleep while isolated and stressed out.

And! …today we have had assemblies for most of the day. I only taught one class this morning, and will teach one right after lunch. Other than that it has just been crowd control in the gym.

And! …not only did I get paid today, but my direct deposit has already been processed, which means that a thousand dollars magically appeared in my echoingly empty bank account.

Let’s not forget the fact that it is Friday.

I think I’ll be heading out to Ypsi tonight, and probably staying for a good portion of the weekend. I need to gather all my strength for next week… but I don’t really want to think about next week yet.


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