Pins & Needles

I just finished typing up the most freaking detailed sub plans ever… they’re due tomorrow. And hey, it’s 11pm, and I haven’t really stopped working since 7am.

That is not entirely true. After school I went shopping to get some cheap yet presentable shoes, since all of mine are disintegrating. I came home and installed the wireless router downstairs, so I now have internet. I made some tea. And then worked on lesson plans and sub plans until now…

Derrida has been on my lap pretty much all evening. I think she really is growing up… her favorite game (“Chase everything that moves”) is still very popular at night when I am trying to sleep, but her new favorite activity is called “Lie on my favorite person’s lap or sit my butt on whatever she is doing, so that she can do NOTHING but LOVE ME.”

I think today she is extra needy because I left her by her lonesome this weekend while I was out in Ypsi. The weekend was nice. Very refreshing. Thursday night was superclassy:

Friday… not so classy. A friend had a “masquerade ball,” so we made some pretty ridiculous last-minute costumes.

I could pretend we were being witty and/or deep, but we weren’t. It was all pure silliness.

Also transitioned from our book club into a thoughtful bible study, beginning with 1st Samuel. Got some work done, tempered by some much-needed teacher perspective from friends who are there themselves. Bought crap for school. (It’s still early enough on that it’s exciting to get supplies for my class, and I’m not so focused yet on exactly how much of my paychecks will be going to make up for the deficit in actual funding from school.) Drove home in the rain.  In all, a good weekend.

Today has been okay. I am pulling things together. I’m not quite there yet in all my classes, but the wheels are turning, and I don’t feel quite so helpless and overwhelmed. Except for the 7th grade boys. The classroom environment only gets steadily worse, not better… I think they have decided to rebel against me, and are doing a good job about it. No more physical facepunching, but everytime I leave that class I feel emotionally facepunched.

I need to watch “Dangerous Minds” and figure out some hollywood badass-teacher move. Scrawny white girl comes to inner city school, kicks some ass, and magically “saves” those poor minority kids, by reading them poetry. Ha ha… what a stupid movie. I did watch the Dead Poet’s Society the other day, though, and that is not a condescendingly stupid teacher movie.

Oh man, I just need to let my mind unscramble itself for a bit, and then go to sleep.

Life is okay.


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  1. nkelber says:

    Those costumes are awesome. I always wanted to wear a lampshade while hanging a baby.

    [audio src="" /]

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