I forgot my glasses this morning, and my eyesight has certainly adjusted enough that I’ve been a little squinty. I also smacked my head really hard on the metal pole in the center of my entryway. I think the root problem is that I ran out of coffee this week, and therefore don’t have any in the morning until I pick some up on the way to school.

Anyway, it wasn’t a great day. It hasn’t been too bad, but at the moment I am too burned out to sort out the redeeming qualities from the rest.

But it’s funny to realize how observant kids are. Immediately when I entered each classroom they commented on my glasses.

“Did they break?”
“Did you forget them at home?”
“Are they at home with your cat?” (They looove my cat.)
“Is your cat wearing them, maybe?”
“How did you get to school?”
“Can you see me?”
“What’s my name?” (Uh oh. Got me there.)
“How many fingers am I holding up?”

My favorite advice came from a 5th grader. “Ms. K, two words: contacts.”

The rest of the day pretty much sucked. I knew this was going to be a roller coaster, but for now it has been a lot of steep downward motion.


One Response to Gafas

  1. Your fav cuz says:

    Hang in there Sara dear. You’re making progress. I’m praying for you daily as you begin to “live the dream” by which I mean exhaust yourself teaching your first year, and in a hellish school too. You’re a trooper and I’m proud of you!!!! Someday, when you begin to recover (maybe next year) we should do coffee. Until then, hang in there and be glad they all noticed your glasses 😀

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